zondag 26 april 2015

happy birthday to you!

I've made some birthday presents. They make happy and personal gifts and I enjoy making them with someone special in mind!

My niece wanted a green bag fore her marbles with flowers. This is why I have a big stash (LOL)

I also made her a pencil rol with 26 (!) pencils. I should remember I only make these for really sweet nieces, because it's more work than I think every time! I do love the result with the happy matruska's.

And another one for a birthday party my son went to today, filled with marbles it is a great gift I think! Anything that encourages kids to play outside is really!

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zaterdag 18 april 2015

economy finished top!

I don't even remember how many times I've blogged about this quilt, but the top is done. Drumrolls please!

I've made it more squarish in the end than I had planned. It will be a big throw for the couch. All this repetitive cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing etc. Finally led to this beauty and it was worth it I think!

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woensdag 15 april 2015

Don't know much about history

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me too
What a wonderful world this would be

But I am remaking this historical quilt made in the UK in 1718. I've told you about this quilt-along before here and here. I guess I am getting a little up to speed now and I have finished most of the February and March assignments. Though the first blocks are too small (I misunderstood the directions), I will figure out how to deal with this later. And I am in a wrestling match with one big applique block of the assignment and it is not done yet. That is mostly the reason I joined this quilt-along, I have never appliqued before and I want to learn. That is what I try to keep in mind when I want to throw the fleur the lys block out of the window. (LOL)

February blocks, the bottom ones are too small
 I am really finding out how I want to do this along the way. I love most of the blocks, but I am not a round or fussy person, so there are some blocks I do not love. Do I surprise or challenge myself, or follow my gut feeling and stick to my style? I decided no to decide what to do with that until we meet each block in the monthly assignment. For example I did make the Fleur the lys block (round), but not as fussy as was prescribed, simply using a 4 patch as background. In stead of the curved star I made a non curvy star.

march blocks part 1, in comes the green
I am also still figuring out how to go color wise. I started out with navy, light blue and peachy color scheme. I almost never plan out colors this strict in advance, so this felt to much like a cage. In the second month I decided to throw in some apple green to add some liveliness. I've decided to not decide how I will take this further too.

March blocks part 2, not so curved star

Just go with the flow and enjoy the process is my theme for this quilt. Let's find out what's in the april assignment on Sara Fielke's blog
See you soon!
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