woensdag 16 april 2014

starry scrappy night - one down, one to go

I was the queen bee in the comfort circle in January. I had finished two tops with the blocks I received, because the blocks were so big! you can find a tutorial for the blocks here. And a picture of both the tops here.

I've made a quilt out of one of the tops. I backed it with half of a duvet cover from Ikea (green and white checker) and quilted around the squares "in the ditch" to let the lovely assortment of fabrics speak for them selves. I quilted the outline of the white stars in different colors by hand to set them of even more, give them sparkle.

 It's bound with a buttery yellow striped fabric, by hand.

I love it! Giving it away isn't easy this time. But it will go to a local good cause of the salvation army. They offer kids who can't stay at home for some reason a temporary home either with a family or in a children's home. After some time it will become clear if the kids can go back to their homes, or to new ones.
I love that the quilt I will give them, they can take to whatever road lies ahead to give some comfort with their happy scrappy feel.

See you soon!

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vrijdag 11 april 2014

long time no see

I've spent last weekend on my "annual friends from high school" retreat. We've had lots of fun! But I am still recuperating...

I do have a finish to show you and I hope to show you some more after this weekend!
This is a quilt I have made with my quilty friend Lotje ( slootjesschilder.blogspot.com ) for a mutual friend. We have used soft green tones and greys, since that is what the room will look like! We have each made half of the top which I put together, I delivered batting, backing and binding. Lotje machine quilted it with straight lines in a more fierce green and machine bound it with a green stripe. I've added the little ones name since she was born last week! I hope to visit the newborn soon and make her happy with a snugly quilt. I love the color scheme, it turned out so soothing.

And my friends and me having lunch in on a terass in Amersfoort.

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dinsdag 1 april 2014

economy blocks - a pre-school companion

I've sewn together the economy blocks I received in the joining hands bee. It became a lovely top, with lots too see. I still want to make a bigger one someday, but I am to much int the farmers wife blocks right now and I have to finish a few quilts. My plan is that my son will bring this as his birthday treat to his new pre-school classroom. He will have a little of his mommy around when he is in school the next two years. They could really use it as an I spy (ik zie, ik zie, wat jij niet ziet) game and to cover dolls, play on it, ore make tents of it. So many possibilities!But it's still only a top for now!

I have work to do, see you soon!
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