woensdag 4 maart 2015

Je vais te chanter la balade

la balade des gents heureux!

We went to France for a week together. We enjoyed the mild springlike weather, each-other and being outside after a cooped up winter! We did "adventurous" walks, city trips and a giant jigsaw with a 1000 pieces.

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zondag 1 maart 2015

bzzzz bee block update!

I made the February blocks for the comfort circle. My quilty friend Lotje had thought up a mix of an Irish chain and a Lemoyne star block. You can find her tutorial here. She is always so creative and really has an eye for the overall patterns that emerge and for the graphic effects a block can have. I always look forward to her block choice. This one is a lot of work, I won't deny, but I do so love the effect, it is worth it.

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woensdag 25 februari 2015

knitting basket

I don't seem to be able to stop pinning all kinds of fabric baskets. I just love them and have made many in the past. I made myself a basket for the wool and my current knit I need at hand near the couch. I made one using this tutorial I found on pinterest. And it's reversible too! You can fold it, or don't. I am usually baffled by all the sorts or filling for baskets and bags. Usually I can't find the American brands in Holland and I have to guess what weight to use. But this filling can be bought at quiltboutique.nl I found out, if you want to make one too. I used a canvas for the outside fabric and used the iron on filling only for the lining. I think this is stiff enough.

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