woensdag 23 april 2014

Bzzzz - bee block update

I made the april blocks for the comfort circle. They are simple to make and will make a lovely girl's quilt with big bold flowers! Sending them out next week

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zaterdag 19 april 2014

country roads - take me home - to the place I belong

That was my theme song making up these new farmers wife blocks. Sometimes I think I get better at them, more accurate, less clumsy, sometimes I think I will never be precise. But I enjoy making them anyway. And all together? They are eye candy to me.

FWQ 22 Corn and Beans

FWQ 23 Country Farm

FWQ 24 Country Path

1. fwq 2 Autumn tints, 2. fwq 1 attic window, 3. FWQ 3 Basket, 4. fwq 4 basket weave, 5. FWQ 8 Bouquet, 6. FWQ 7 Birds in the air, 7. FWQ 6 Big Dipper, 8. fwq 5 Bat Wing, 9. FWQ 9 Box, 10. FWQ 12 Broken Sugar Bowl, 11. #fwqal bowtie, 12. FWQ 11 Broken Dishes, 13. fwq 13 Buckwheat, 14. FWQ 15 Buzzard's Roost, 15. FWQ 14 Butterfly at crosscroads, 16. FWQ 16 Calico Puzzle, 17. FWQ 17 Cats & Mice, 18. FWQ 18 Century of progress, 19. FWQ 21 Contrary wife, 20. FWQ 20 Churn dash, 21. FWQ 19 checkerboard, 22. FWQ 23 country farm, 23. FWQ 22 Corns & Beans, 24. FWQ 24 country path

West virginia, Mountain Mama
Take me home, county roads

Thank you John, for a lovely song,

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vrijdag 18 april 2014

Ohio star - a classic baby quilt

I made another babyquilt top for Lotte who was born a little early (so I am in a hurry). The requested colors were grey, turquoise, pink and a dash of orange. I chose a simple pattern (ohio star) and made it with a tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers, you can find it here. It's basically alternating a square with an hourglass block. I love the result. This will be one I will have a hard time with to give away!
The next few finishes will be mine!

I think I will drive by ikea to find a backing and I need to think up how to quilt it now!See you soon!Pin It


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