woensdag 17 december 2014

Christmass swap!

The comfort circle girls did a little Christmas swap. You can find us here.

I received this lovely package from Sigrun. She made me a hand stitched pincushion. And the chocolate bar and I have a date with some tea and a good book on the couch!

I've made a little cross stitched christmas ornament. I love doing cross stitch, but in my screwed up mind I have to make things that are useful, I don't hang things I make on the wall (permanently). So this swap was a good cross-stitching excuse!

This was my total package. I added real dutch stroopwafels and some other goodies. And some birds of course!

I hope my swap partner likes it!

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zaterdag 13 december 2014

further economising

When on a roll, keep rolling!

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woensdag 10 december 2014

some more economy blocks

All through 2014 I have been working on three long term quilts. One is the farmer's wife quilt. My scrappy hexie of course and then there is the economy block quilt. If I cut into fabrics I always cut some pieces for them and put them aside until I have a pile ready for some chain sewing. I add more blocks to my pile and as soon as I have enough I will sew them together. I did another batch the other day! I love the results again, it will really be one of my favorite quilts!

My pile so far

new batch 1

new batch 2

new batch 3

To go....
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