zaterdag 28 maart 2015

1718 coverlet - a new project

I couldn't stop myself any longer. I jumped in and joined the 1718 coverlet quilt along I metioned earlier in this post. My main argument was that I like following the quilt-along, it's always such a motivator to have a monthly "assignment" and work along with many others on the same blocks. And since February is already behind us and that was the first month, I jumped in (head first as usual).
Breaking my own rule of first finishing the Farmers Wife quilt and the economy blocks quilt. In Holland we say "de uitzondering bevestigt de regel", which is translated: The exception makes the rule, though I don't know if that is an expression in English too.

I started to make the February assignment which is a small list of blocks. Of most of them you make two. And after making them I noticed I did something wrong.... I've made them 4,5 inch unfinished, and they should be 4,5 inch unfinished (and 5 inch unfinished). I always get confused by these terms. So I will have to make them over later, or find another solution. I am just glad I found out now and not much later. Let's take a look. And a warning before hand, the block names are not as creative or imaginative as the ones in the farmer's wife sampler.....

Two block 2's: A framed square.
The mitered corners are a bit fiddly, but once you get the hang of them...

2 Block 3's: A diagonally quartered square

2 block 4's: A cross

2 block 5's: A small framed square

And 1 block 6: A pointed fleur-de-lys variation
My first needle turn applique block ever! I did cheat on this block and used a four patch background. The alternative was way to fiddly for me.

As you can see I've decided to use navy's as a base color. I love navy, but I never seem to use it. I've also decided to use my much coveted oakshots. I own them in a range of blues. Otherwise I have no color or fabric plan and I will just take it all step by step. How traditional my version of this quilt will be and how far I will follow the pattern remains to be seen too. I love lot's of blocks, but I do not see myself making swans, or people, or dogs. But I've decided not to decide yet. Let's just see what happens.

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woensdag 25 maart 2015

More economy blocks - just one batch to go

Maybe I am boring you with another pile of economy blocks. Maybe you should skip this one if so. But frankly I never get bored with them. They are so happy and bright and crisp. I have never in my life made this many blocks of the same design. But, to be honest, I have spread out making them over more than a year, and picking it up when I feel like it. I am excited for seeing the finish line! Just one more batch to go after this and I will have 135 blocks! How many?

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zaterdag 21 maart 2015

First of the to do list - another baby gift

I've already mad a few divided baskets (pattern by Noodlehead), I think they are perfect baby gifts!

This Ikea fabric is nice and sturdy and graphic, I love it!

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woensdag 18 maart 2015

And the yet another baby gift is of the list!

It seems I have a divided basket addiction..... Please go over to Noodlehead, buy the pattern and feel the satisfaction of making one, or two... maybe three?! You've gotta love them! I use left over batting, some ikea canvas for the outside and a normal cotton for the inside. You don't need much, just do it!

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Almost there - spring cleaning - saving the econmy

I've probably told you before: I can't handle having to many loose ends at one time. Since I am starting to pile up to many UFO's (Unfinished Objects) around me, my mind starts spinning and I do nothing usefull. I move piles around, pick things up and put them down, I want to start new things, but I won't let myself, etc. So it is time for spring cleaning in the sewing part of my brain!

Starting with the projects I have almost finished. I made some more economy blocks. I have the last ones cut (about 20 to go), but they need assembling. After that I can make the top!

On my quilty to do list:
- Finishing the economy block quilt
- Two baby gifts
- My farmers wife blocks (81-111 to go),
- And I have to get a move on since I have decided to start my next "historic" project: The 1718 coverlet quilt-along hosted by Sarah Fielke from the last piece and Mrs. Schenkmann Quilts. It is based on a book (for sale at where the patterns and explanations for the oldest dated British patchwork coverlet are explained. It involves a lot of applique, which I have never done much before. To keep up with the quilt along will not be realistic, but I am really curious to the more modern takes on this coverlet.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 1718 coverlet

- My sugar block quilt
- The March comfort circle quilt.

So what am I doing blogging about it! I have to use my precious time sewing!

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zondag 15 maart 2015

flowers for Eleni

Rachel is the founder and organizing force behind the do good stitches initiative which I have been a member of for some years. Rachel wrights really openly about all things on her blog. So all her readers knew she was expecting a very much wanted baby. The baby (Eleni) was born about the same time my new niece was born, but she is not doing well. We all know things can go wrong with births and babies, but every time it comes near my heart breaks. For the Mama, for the whole family.

Of course you can do nothing to really help, but I loved Jodi's initiative to make flowers for Eleni. You can find her post on this here. So I've made two flowers and am sending them to Australia so Jodi can make a quilt for Rachel and Eleni out of all the flowers. Stitched by hand and with love by quilters from all over the world. Eleni is in all our thoughts.

Our own do good stitches circle (Comfort circle) will be joining hands on a pillow for Rachel and Eleni. More on that later.

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donderdag 12 maart 2015

xxxxxxxx a finish for Floortje

Floortje is born! And I finished up just in time...

The finished top was done, you can find it here. A lot of fabrics I chose with my sister in mind like Eifel towers (she loves them and it was on her wedding invitation), French cookie fabric (bought in a lovely store in Uzes France together with her), the neon I know she loves, some lovely texty fabrics (in English and French) one stating places in America she has been, the white flowers on pink are a leftover from the quilt for her firstborn, the bee fabric (our last name is bee in dutch), and the pink crocodiles I think will make her laugh. I love this quilt like I loooove all of the babyquilts I've made for my sweet nieces over time, I love to do girly especially with a special girl in mind! Emma (Strawberry fields forever), Filippa (kaleidoscope), Merle (across the sea).

Quilt stats
Top: random 6 inch x-s using the tutorial from Pile'ofabric using pinks, minty greens and low volume (beige and white) fabrics.
Back: Some melody miller bees (some of the edge is showing, which I've decide to like) and a flannel pink alphabet fabric.
Binding: handbound in pink cut from a thrift store duvet cover
Quilting: Loopy Free Motion quilted on my home machine. Using light pink, until I ran out. I used some hot pink for the rest of the quilt. I love that it went the same with the fabric choices. At first I used only light pinks, but it became to flat and dull and I added some hot pinks there too!

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zondag 8 maart 2015

Can't wait for spring - broken dishes

March is my turn in the comfort circle.  I've contemplated many ideas and blocks. Scrappy ones, another themed quilt (like the boat beach quilt, maybe birds and bees), and lots of other blocks I hoard on pinterest. You can find my overflowing board here. But after the hard work for Lotjes blocks in February (which were definitely worth it) I've decided on something simple and done in a flash.

I'm always very inspired by Rita from Red Pepper quilts and I have had this quilt in my mind for a long time. I have never made an all solids quilt and I don't own enough solids to make it and keep it interesting. I love the freshness and colorfulness of the design, it reminds me instantly of happiness and spring. And that's what we need right now!

And broken dishes are really an easy block to make. You make 4 HST's'(Half square triangles, it took me ages to find this out, you can find many tutorials if you google it) from 2 colored and 2 white squares and sew the HST's together as a block. The HST's need to be 6 inch square to make an 11 1/2 inch unfinished block. I've used 7 inch squares and trimmed the HST's down to 6 inch for accuracy. But you can use the method you like of course. And you can make them any size too!

I've made a green and a pink version. And I can't wait for all the colorful crisp blocks to come in my mailbox!

See you soon!

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woensdag 4 maart 2015

Je vais te chanter la balade

la balade des gents heureux!

We went to France for a week together. We enjoyed the mild springlike weather, each-other and being outside after a cooped up winter! We did "adventurous" walks, city trips and a giant jigsaw with a 1000 pieces.

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zondag 1 maart 2015

bzzzz bee block update!

I made the February blocks for the comfort circle. My quilty friend Lotje had thought up a mix of an Irish chain and a Lemoyne star block. You can find her tutorial here. She is always so creative and really has an eye for the overall patterns that emerge and for the graphic effects a block can have. I always look forward to her block choice. This one is a lot of work, I won't deny, but I do so love the effect, it is worth it.

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