zaterdag 27 september 2014

black and white dancing together, side by side through stormy weather

I was singing this song (2brothersonthe4thfloor) while hanging this round robin on my exhibition line. I was immediately inspired to grab fabrics and make some drawings of options for borders that came to mind. As you may know I love round robins, me and my double dutch friends have some circulating and I have added to a few before. You can read more here, here, here, here and here

This time I made stacked bricks by sewing 19 1 1/2 inch strips together, only after that cutting them in four portions of 3 1/2 inch. This saved a lot of time. I thought the round robin could use some smaller piecing after somewhat bigger strips. I echoed the "arrows" in the corners of the second border. I love the result!

Hope you like it Francis!

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woensdag 24 september 2014

Hovering Birds - Farmers wife quilt update

I've seen the first few birds leaving for warmer weather. Flying in V shaped formation over our garden. I thought of them and where they were going, how they knew where to go and when to go while making another three blocks. I have almost reached the halfway point (54 of 111).

46 Hill and Valley

51 Hovering Birds

54 Hovering Hawks
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zaterdag 20 september 2014

Sugar sugar

My newest sugar block is called Encourage. Encourage is a beautiful word in it self and it is a beautiful thing you can do fore someone. Maybe giving them the last push they need to make their dreams come true.

I encourage my children to read, believe they can do anything, be themselves, create and play outside and enjoy the moment. Not particularly in that order, but they are the topics I encourage them on most. And right now I am encouraging myself, because this is the 8th block and month in the sugar block club and I am still on schedule, I still love all the blocks and am looking forward to making a beautiful classic sampler of them. Never made one before. But I can do it, I can see it even in my minds eye. So, no worries. If I can, you can!

All eight blocks together

Encourage, the September block

My courage
See you soon!

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woensdag 17 september 2014

Gym bag birthday gift

My niece asked for a new gym bag for her birthday. I have made one for her several years ago, but she needed a bigger one. You can find the old one here. She is a bigger girl now with bigger girls tastes. I tried a little more pursy - look using some fun bird fabric from Ikea.

I lined it with some red and white checker fabric. I didn't use fillers or batting, because both fabrics were pretty sturdy. A little pocket inside for deodorant, or hair ties.

Only one strap that I sewed on later in the folds on the side, to give it more of a purse look. I saw this method in this tutorial (on the bottom, the second variety).

And Fedde was painting on my sewing table but really wanted to be in the picture LOL. It looks more difficult than it was. You all should give bags a try!

See you soon!
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woensdag 10 september 2014

Bzzzz Bee blocks update

Not so many of these updates these days. I'm not in a lot of bees. That is a good thing for now, because I couldn't keep up if I tried. But the good old do good stitches is still there. These are my september blocks

You can find the tutorial for this block here. You cam make great lay-outs with these!

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zaterdag 6 september 2014

Homeward Bound

These blocknames, they kill me. Homeward Bound instantly brings me to the moment I step on to my bycicle or in to my car after work. If I am on my way home, no one can stop me. I am a working mum and for me this brings a good balance between being a mum and homemaker and challenging myself in other ways. I never mind working, I enjoy it. But once I enter my car, all I can think of is my boys and getting to them as fast as possible. Homeward Bound it is.

Another set of three little blocks finished. If I keep it up, maybe there will be a Farmers Wife quilt in the beginning of the new year.... Or maybe later, let's do this without deadlines and to much pressure and keep it fun.

FWQ # 47 Homemaker

FWQ #48 Homeward Bound

FWQ # 50 Honey's Choice
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woensdag 3 september 2014

Confessions of a hardcore outlander fan

Have you ever read a book at least seven times, getting absorbed in very single time? If yes; Was the book in question Outlander by Diana Gabaldon? If no: please read this book. It will be classified as science fiction, which is far from my favorite genre and it has little reason to be in this category if you ask me. Outlander is the first book in a series, which is sometimes called "The outlander" series or the Jamie & Claire series.  The first book is clearly the best one if you  ask me.

Every time a new book comes out I start at book one to get in the flow. Starting January this year I have read all 7 parts again to be in the flow to read the new one, which was released last summer: Written in my own Hearts blood. (they are about 1200 pages per book). The last part is lovely to.

All parts in a row, including the dutch titles for the dutch readers, though I would definitely recommend reading them in the language it was created in:


And now some more great news since a new series is coming out, so we can see how others created the images and people in this story!


- If you start reading it you will not be able to stop
- However much you love your husband and boyfriends, if Jamie Fraser would be a real person you would ride off into the sunset with him.
- You will want to go to Scotland someday to see all the places described in the book. South Carolina will be the second destination.

But, it's worth it!

More info:

See you soon!
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