zondag 30 maart 2014

Starry scrappy night - two comfort circle tops

Yo may remember it was my month again in the comfort circle of do good stitches. I have chosen a big scrappy block with a random and wonky white star in it. I've received the blocks and sewed them together on our double dutch (we are dutch quilters who meet every once in a while to sew together) meet.It was easy peasy chatting and sewing at the same time.

They were even big enough to make two quilttops out of them. I love the fact you no longer see where the blocks start and end. It is just a big scrappy blanky. And the randomness of the stars works really well too I think.

Now we have tot baste, quilt, bind... See you soon!Pin It

vrijdag 28 maart 2014

greenfield - another coproduction

Do you remember the other quilt I made with my quilty friend Lotje for a mutual friend and colleague, you can find it here. We really liked doing it and when another mutual colleague got pregnant we decided to step in again!

We chose a design together and based our color choices on the pictures of the room. Just like last time we've devided the rows. This time around I put together the top. It's a structured and repetitive top, because she's a structured and organised person. With a green/blueish/grey pallette of colors it is fresh, but still calm and soothing. Since Lotje and I work together in IT, greenfield is the name I thought of. Associating with the colors, but also creating something in an empty landscape and a new start. I love the outcome of aur collaboration.

I gave it to lotje with backing and binding and she will sandwich, Quilt and bind it. I will be ordering an iron on name, since Dinze was born this week!

I'll show you the end result soon!

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zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Contrary wife

What to think of a block carrying this name. It makes me feel very emancipated all at once. But that is of course the spirit you want to catch by making this Farmers Wife quilt. Getting a feel of the times and surroundings of the women creating these blocks a long time ago. And experiencing those timeless designs that come to life again on your modern sewing machine with modern fabrics. (no, I have not been drinking)
Though maybe hallucinating from to much paperpiecing (LOL). We arrived at number 21. 20 of them in a mosaic make this picture!

1. fwq 2 Autumn tints, 2. fwq 1 attic window, 3. FWQ 3 Basket, 4. fwq 4 basket weave, 5. FWQ 8 Bouquet, 6. FWQ 7 Birds in the air, 7. FWQ 6 Big Dipper, 8. fwq 5 Bat Wing, 9. FWQ 9 Box, 10. FWQ 12 Broken Sugar Bowl, 11. #fwqal bowtie, 12. FWQ 11 Broken Dishes, 13. fwq 13 Buckwheat, 14. FWQ 15 Buzzard's Roost, 15. FWQ 14 Butterfly at crosscroads, 16. FWQ 16 Calico Puzzle, 17. FWQ 17 Cats & Mice, 18. FWQ 18 Century of progress, 19. FWQ 21 Contrary wife, 20. FWQ 20 Churn dash

Three new blocks:

# 19 Checkerboard

#20 Chun dash

#21 Contrary wife

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donderdag 20 maart 2014

century of progress, the farmers wife goes neon

Sometime I feel like I´m getting the hang of paperpiecing these small darlings, sometimes I feel like I have learned nothing and making rooky mistakes!

FWQ 16 Calico Puzzle

FWQ 17 Cats and Mice

FWQ 18 Century of progress
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dinsdag 18 maart 2014

friends will be friends

Sometimes they will and it's important to remember how precious that is. These are my girlfriends from our hockey days. Some of them I know more than half of my life. We get together every three months since we don't play anymore and plan to keep this up until we will play bridge together in a retirement home. (which of course we will be very fanatic at too)

I am top left. See you soon girls!Pin It

zaterdag 15 maart 2014

Mister postman, look and see

If there's a letter in your bag for me...

Lot's of quilty deliveries this week. I couldn't help my self....

I've ordered some fabric from england ( sewandquilt.co.uk ), because I've been looking for some truly retro fabric in garage sales etc. but I can't seem to find any. They smell different from new fabrics, like freshly laundered bed linnens (maybe because they are just that!)

To save up on delivery costs (LOL) I ordered some lovely flowery and texty  fabrics too.

And some fabrics from the states arrived too... You've got to love those neon mix tapes... and what about the eifel towers and big retro orange flowers...

So now I'm back on my fabric diet. because this is enough to make lots of lovelies...

And another thing the postman brought; I've subscribed to a quilty magazine. I didn't know it was possible, but they deliver it to Holland, no problem!

I love the fresh and modern projects in it!

See you soon!

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woensdag 12 maart 2014

big boys- explore

First of all my little lion cub went to practice pre-school for the first time today! He had great fun and so did his big brother, who could show him around. I thought starting preschool was a very emotional step for me with my eldest, but didn't suspect it feeling exactly the same the second time around. I stopped myself from deciding to take him home more than once on our way to school, thinking up things why he was still too small or too vulnerable to do this. He, on the other hand, did not have such scruples, he just said: bye mommie, see you later. And that was that. I am officially no longer a mom of any toddler....

That being said the block we made in the sugar block club this month had a very good name in the theme of this week: explore! For me and him that means exploring our new boundaries and opportunities, each in our own way! This block is partly paper pieced and partly traditionally pieced. I really enjoyed it! There is lots to see in this block!

So, now we have three! I think this will make a beautiful sampler.

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zaterdag 8 maart 2014

bzzz bee block update

I'm not in a lot of bee's now. And I have just made my last joining hands block. I've decided to make some more room to make things I want to make myself. Otherwise I use the sparse time I have to sew just making bee blocks. My last block is a scrappy trip block, I have made many before when making Anne's scrappy trip, you can find here and here.

I am of course staying with the comfort circle to make quilts for a good cause. This month we are making slanted diamonds for Muriel. You can find the tutorial here.

I'm on my way out, because spring has arrived in Holland, See you soon!

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woensdag 5 maart 2014

Note to self

When cutting fabrics to paperpiece, please don't be to frugal with your lovely fabrics. You know you hate to sew each seam three time to get it right. And the unpicking when sewing with tiny stitches is not your hobby either. These farmer's wife quilt blocks are so small, you still won't need a lot of fabric. Especially cut the triangles BIGGER. This is better for your metal health in the end.

Let me introduce to you

# 13 Buckwheat

# 15 Buzzard's roost

# 14 Butterfly at crossroads

See you soon!Pin It


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