zaterdag 28 december 2013

baby,it's not so cold outside

I would have loved some cold and snow, but it's not coming yet. Actually I closed the shades to be able to see my screen well. Well I guess there's always something to complain about.
I've been planning the garden for my new home, in my head and with some drawing. It should be green (with white and blue flowers, maybe some pink), but with enough terass, I would like a new vegetable garden, a special children's spot with a swing, I would not like to be on my knees every day to pull out weeds, it should be modern, but still cozy, etc. I hope to combine it in a design that I can actually realize moneywise... But first there is a dream, than there is a plan. And if the plan has several steps, so be it.

I can finally show you the Christmas presents that did make it of the list. Do you make way to long making lists for Christmas? Maybe we should start in January this year LOL.

I made my middle sister a sleeve for her new iPhone. She picked it out on pinterest herself. You can find the tutorial here. It's really easy going, and delivers a nice result (I think). I've used some of my new bees and some neon fabric!

I made my youngest sister; who is somehow attached to the Eifel tower and Paris, some potholders with some especially ordered Paris fabric.

And I made my sister in law a reversible tissuebox cover made with this great tutorial. Even the bias tape worked with me.

I made my boys some pillows for their new rooms that they were very happy with. Forgot to take a picture, so I will show them next time!Pin It

dinsdag 24 december 2013

starry scrappy night

I'm the queen bee of the comfort circle again in January. I decided to make the blocks, so everyone could have a head start if they wanted. I've used this tutorial, but decided to use all colors instead of one. I love the idea of the wonky white stars popping up all over the quilt with a random touch to it. They are big blocks (17,5 inch finished) so I will probably make two smaller quilts of them.

And I finished the hand sewn (!) Dresden plate for Odette in the joining hands bee. It's a classic of course, made modern by the fabric choices. I like it, but I do not see a Dresden plate quilt in my foreseeable future!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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zaterdag 21 december 2013

hohoho merry christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas. The boys needed new bow ties for their christmass festivities at school, at least I thought so! I've used some more sturdy fabric than last time. This was left over from some shorts I made once. I've made them before and browsed pinterest for tutorials. I didn't use one especially, but there are lots! They're easy to make and really rewarding! I use a velcro closing.


And I received the fabric I ordered at on black Friday! Yeah! How dou you like the mirror dots. They were on sale and I restocked!

Have a very mery christmas!Pin It

zaterdag 14 december 2013

ting ting ting tingtingelingeling ting tingelingeling ling

My holiday spirits are up! And my first handywork present is finished. A ticker tape doll quilt, for the bed I gave her for her birthday!

I love making these. It feels so thrifty to use up even the smallest scraps! I have made some before and I think there are more of them in my future.

And the tree is up in my new house. A whole year of working towards this moment. Having up the tree in the new home. I'm so thankful that our dream came true.

Let's go make some more presents!Pin It

woensdag 11 december 2013

What's new pussycat?

I am receiving economy blocks almost everyday now from the very international members of the joining hands bee! This is an update shot! It's going to be wonderful!

I have received some new fabrics from a great dutch fabric webshop My sister in law gave me a gift certificate and I couldn't stop myself!

And I added a little scrapset too! They always come in handy, for example to make my scrappy hexies, or to add in the economy blocks. I love the surprise element of it!

And I folded my fabrics and put them in color order on my shelves. I love letting all the fabric go through my hands! I know you don't believe me but I haven't bought much fabric since we knew we would move and made a lot of quilts from my stash. So the stash is relieved to get some company again!

Off to get my Christmas lists in order! See you soon!

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zaterdag 7 december 2013

sewing inspiration

Hi everyone,

I decided I couldn't wait anymore showing you my new (shared with my Alexander) hobby space. It's definitely not done yet, but the basics are set up. But maybe you will inspire me how to do it up from here?

I wanted to hang this cutie in my old room, but never did. I love it and it has a homely tictac.
We have two new desks, which are actually dining room tables from Ikea.
We can make them bigger or smaller. I can't wait to bast my first quilt on them!
This picture is from "his"side of the desks. And you can see the shelving he put up for me as a surprise.
So I can show off my lovely stash. And should keep it really neat (that should be a challenge)
This is the rack next to my desk holding my scraps and all kinds of odds and ends.
As you can see I just unloaded the boxes and this needs organizing. 
The dutch Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) brought me a new quilting book!
And a gift certificate from my favorite dutch online fabric shop
Of course it burned in my hands and it is already spent. 
So my plans are:
- to organise my fabric on the shelves
- to organise my rack
- to hang some curtains
- to make a mini to hang on the wall
- to add the presentation line I saw at
- to hang up some pictures
- etc.

And of course invite my sewing friend.

Any bright ideas I hadn't thought of?

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woensdag 4 december 2013

Bzzzz Bee block update

I'm still trying to find my way in my new home, make new routines, trying to remember where everything goes, trying to make time to organise a closet or hang some shelves. Not much sewing and blogging this period. That's why beeblock commitments are also good things. When you've made a commitment, you have to unpack your sewing machine to do at least a little sewing. Even if it is with only the unpacked resources!

I've made my last block for the creative quiltblock bee for my friend Corinne Louise. She asked for variations on a nine patch with a bird theme in cool colors. Well I looked up my birdie I bought at Veritas in Belgium. I'm so in love with them. And fussy cut a bird on the back of an elephant. I decided to do a straightforward nine patch to keep the pieces of fabric as big as possible.

I've also made a block called chain for Jo in the joining hands bee. You can find the tutorial here on quilterscache.  If you've never been you should go take a look. There are so many blocks here you couldn't make them in a lifetime! The tutorials are easy to follow. It does take some imaginations to imagine a modern quilt with them, but it's possible! Jo asked for purple, black, grey and white. A combo I have maybe even never used for a quilt. It's crisp, and I'm curious as to the secondary patterns that will emerge when putting all the blocks together.

See you soon!

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