woensdag 30 oktober 2013

bookmark production line

This makes me smile!

I made another batch of bookmarks (30) for his classmates. It's his birthday treat. I did it last year and wrote up a tutorial. You van find it here. The kids and parents loved them last year, so why change a winning team. He has mostly new kids in his class, and he is learning to read and write now, so they should come in handy! I ordered some fabric for it from japan, but it hasn't arrived yet. So I made do with what I had. I embroidered the names of his classmates on them with my sewing machine. Now we have to go bake or buy something sweet to go with them!

And I started a babyquilt (yes again, I can't help everyone around me keeps having babies). My friend knows, but doesn't tell us what the baby will be and says she will keep everything turquoise (which tells us exactly nothing). I tried bribing her, but nothing works, so turquoise it is. I decided to combine it with grey and was really inspired by a quilt on pinterest which I cannot find again, but I'm making it from what I remember of it. It involves lots of HST's (Half Square triangles), which I have no made and cut for accuracy (You did what? Yes I cut the to an accurate 5,5 inches, please don't faint, I learn from my mistakes LOL)
This afternoon I will lay them out to see how they will come together!

See you soon!

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zondag 27 oktober 2013

birthday boy - 7

proud mommie
Lorraine Pascale's bacon cheese twists (recipee)
Piggies in a blanket
Chocolate cake from Allerhande
He loved it,

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zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Keep smiling ... another do good finish

I'm at the summit of temporary apartment depression. If you look at the facts, it's not that bad, this place we live in for max three months. But it's dark, very temporarily decorated, small, etc. And my new house is getting better and more beautiful every day, and I wan't it to be over. I want to be there and not in this dreary apartment. Especially since we are preparing for my eldest birthday party tomorrow in my temporary kitchen, with only half my stuff. So, I say to myself getting up, chin up, put on your smile, 5 weeks to go, complaining helps no one. But getting it off your chest does help sometimes, so, now you know ad I'll shut up about it.

What's the good news; I finished my do good comfort circle quilt. I'm afraid the pictures are a little improv too, sorry for that. It's made with lovely grandmothers front porch blocks made by my bee mates with a tutorial from Canoe Ridge Creations. I chose to quilt it with a pink thread following the pluses and the diamonds in the pattern. After some deliberation I decided to bind it with a turquoise fabric with white stars for some contrast to the soft warmness. The back is a pink gingham, both from the market.

You may remember my other do good finish. I gave that through the salvation army to a little boy who is placed in a temporary foster home. I have just received confirmation that this one will go to his little sister. I hope all the love put in these stitches will be felt when they snuggle under them and that they will have a bright future.

Quilt stats
Name: Granny's comfort
Good cause: Salvation Army
Top: granny's front porch blocks in orange, yellow, red and ping with neutral backgrounds.
Back: Pink gingham
Binding: by hand, turquoise and white stars.
Quilted: By home machine with straight lines following the plus and diamond pattern in the quilt.

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dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Busy be(e)ing

I made more bee blocks.

Two for the october round of the comfort circle (do good stitches)

It's an easy block with a great effect. You can find the tutorial here.

And a "monochromatic improv" block, lovely scrabble words too, for rachel from the creative quiltblocks bee. She wanted a block in every color of the rainbow, I thought she only still missed a grey version, but she had that already, but no other colors were "free" so now she has two!

I'm not much of an improv girl, but sewing together scraps, that I do love.

Now I'm up to sew 30 some bookmarks for my son to treat on his birthday. Yeah, I know, we did that last year too, but they all loved it and he is in a new grade with new kids, so I thought, why change a winning team...

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donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Joining hands - new challenges

I'm enjoying a lovely weekend with beautiful fall weather. It's sunny and the temperatures are fine. Our house, which is being renovated, is becoming a dream house in front of our very eyes. All these things made me smile when sewing up some bee blocks for the joining hands bee.

Alice asked for a (sort of) Swoon. I have admired these blocks often, but had never made one. We didn't become friends.. For some reason everything went wrong when sewing it up. I usually give up and take some time to get it back together, but with the to do list in my head I labored on and made mistake after mistake. I like the overall result, but no close ups please. I did send it to Alice, but maybe I'll make another one later on to do it better.

Wendy from the joining hands bee asked for any block using dark green and burgundy. I'don't "do" these colors, after emptying my scrap buckets I found some leftovers from things I sewed for my mom and form scrap bundles. I do love the book fabric and it's really fitting in the color scheme, but cutting it up seemed a waste, so I chose a block in which I could use a bigger piece. It's a variation on my current favorite the churn dash called a framed churn dash.

Even more churn dashes will be popping up here soon, stay tuned for the next episode of  "as the churn dashes".

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zondag 6 oktober 2013

Enjoying the last sunbeams camping

We went a way camping with some of the family. We had a good time. We are glad our toes made it back home (we were very cold at night). Just some sunny pics.

our tent


Me and my big boy

Dad and the small one

Monkey's in de "apenheul"

Fedde and his grandma
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dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Joining Hands - economy blocks

I'm in a new bee called "joining hands", you can find us here on Flickr. And of course I had to figure out what to ask for. I was browsing my favorite blogs for inspiration and I found this on redpepperquilts.com and I just knew. I had to have a quilt like this. Maybe even exactly this one! She was generous and gave a tutorial how to make "economy" blocks as they are called. (I love saying economy with a smile on my face in this day and age) You can find the tutorial here. She has one for traditional piecing and one for foundation piecing. This is a picture form here blog:

So I asked the ladies of the bee to make these blocks for me. Since they are very small (5 inch finished) I asked to make more than 1 if possible, because I will need lots of blocks to make a quilt. And this quilt will be just for me, for my new home. Of course I tried both patterns (traditional  (left) and paperpieced (right)) and made a few blocks. I love how you can use small scraps of your most loved fabrics.

Can't wait to have this quilt on my couch! 
See you soon!

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