zondag 26 januari 2014

Old macdonald had a farm

That was the only theme song I could think of for the Farmers Wife quilt. There must be a better one for it, please help me think, otherwise I'll be singing this all day...

These nice little blocks catch my attention every time I come near my sewing space. Since I have been quite busy at work, that hasn't been much I'm afraid. So every time I just make one of these babies, to satisfy my sewing addiction.

Number 6 Big Dipper

Number 7 Birds in the Air (those triangles are so small!)

Number 7 Bouquet

And I did some baking with Fedde, some of it made it to the oven...

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woensdag 22 januari 2014

Finished quilt top - family posing

I finished the top for Isabel's quilt! I really like the result. It's warm and friendly, but it has some boldness and character in it for sure. That would fit my sister in law just fine. I love having a person in mind when making something. Even though I don't over think what they will like or how it will fit with them, It just emerges while you create. Like they are sitting on your shoulder and give you whispered directions. I don't think I will add a border. I'm just waiting for some batting to arrive, so I can finish it in time for my first quarter goals!

We went out with my own and my both my sister's children. I always love to try and get them in the same picture. The weather was lovely, so I took my chances! Do you see a resemblance? The small ones on the left were born only a month apart. And I love the two little blond heads together. My big boy is always sweet and helps out with the small ones, though he is definitely to cool for these babies!

See you soon!
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zondag 19 januari 2014

dreary sunday afternoons - being a true farmers wife!

It's grey outside, not really wintery, but not spring either. So I sneaked upstairs to do a little sewing. Nothing can help put my spirits up like bright fabrics and stories from the past. So I made some more farmers wife blocks! Number three was the very traditional basket. I was thinking of ways to skip it, but I told myself firmly that a true Farmes Wife would not skip the basket. I cut up another one of Alexanders old shirts for the flowery fabric. It gives the block just the right amount of romance.

Lets print up the next batch!
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zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Hexy and economy block update

In my first quarter goal post, (here), I promised update pictures. Since it wasn't so dark I made them last weekend!

I've been working on this scrappy hexagon quilt for about three years. I will need at least another three to finish it. But sometimes the beauty is in the making. I use scraps and 1 inch hexagons. You can find a tutorial on how to make them here. I usually make real progress on holidays when there is no sewing machine around. And of course watching my favorite series on the couch at night when I feel up to it. It measure about 1.20 meters square I think and it has at least a thousand hexagons in it!

I'm making another quilt with small(ish) blocks: economy blocks. You can find the tutorial here at one of my favorite blogs (redpepperquilts). A real hype has started around these block in the virtual quilting world. You can join on instagram #economyblockalong. In my month in the joining hands bee, I've asked my bee mates to help me make a start, because you need lots and lots of (5 inch) blocks to make a quilt! I have received lots of them from all the lovely ladies, but I still have some work to do.

Now I have to make a picture of the blocks I received from the creative quiltblock girls to show you. It's time for a design wall, isn't it?Pin It

dinsdag 14 januari 2014


Once, sometimes twice a year I go to Lille (France) with my sisters and my mom. We go shopping in the sale! We love being in France and French shops. We drive for 2 1/2 hours (twice) and talk till we drop. But after we leave the car, the talking is over. Shopping is of course serious business! LOL. But Lille is also a lovely city, especially this year with sunshine in january.
I would never go in it, but it is a merry sight!

Le pain quotedien
which we first discoverd in New York of all places

The sun gave a magic touch
It was lovely ladies, I'm ready for our next outing, maybe my bank account isn't though....

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zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Planning the new year - first quarter goals

I'm not good with lang term plans for quilting. But I can give some insight in the first quarter of 2014. I have quite a few actually, some with pictures. To motivate myself to go ahead and finish these I'm linking this up as goals for my first quarter. (Linking up with Katy from thelittlestthistlecraftshop)
  • I am making my sister in law who turned 40 (!) in december a lap quilt for her birthday (promised to finish it before she turns fifty lol). It's a pattern from the book "jelly roll quilts". I've used a small jelly roll my sister brought me from the states some years ago and added some browns, aquas and oranges from my stash to make it into a decent lap size. I don't like couch quilts to be to big because they will drag over the floor. The color scheme is out of my comfort zone, but I love how the browns, aquas and oranges come together, I think she will love it and it will fit her interior.
  • I have received my blocks from the creative quiltblock bee, I will make a picture soon and make plans for a top. (for me!)
  • I have received most economy blocks, but I will have to make many more for a top. This is the last picture, I will make an update one soon. (for me!)
  • I am receiving the starry scrappy nights block for the comfort circle (do good stitches) that will have to find it's way into a quilt (or two small ones) (in time) too.

So a grand total of 4 quilts (maybe 5, if I split up my last entry) to finish in the first quarter! Maybe I'm over achieving here, but what the heck, let's give it a try.

Not for my entry, but I do hope to make some progress on:
  • I have plans for 2 babyquilts due april.
  • I will of course scrappy hexy on, I have been hexying for three years and I will need at least three more to finish a queen size quilt my Alexander wishes for. Last update here, I will make an update picture soon.

So no worries about me! I will be busy and making at least two quilts for me!

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dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Down the rabbit hole

I made another joining hands block, this time it was the Right hand of friendship block for Pam who asked for feminine colors and provided the background. It is a nice pattern and not to hard to do;

I promised the boys rabits in their new home. So now we have two new residents. Poepie and Snuffie. My boys are over the moon, they are so cute! (the rabbits and the boys of course)

See you soon with some plans for the new year!

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zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Bzzzzz Bee blocks 2013

Let's list the 2013 bee blocks!

4 of these for the 4x5 modern quiltbee first quarter

4 of these for the 4x5 modern quiltbee second quarter 
Paperpieced rainbow star for the creative quiltblock bee

green broke dishes for the comfort circle

salmon pink broke dishes for the comfort circle

Buckeye beauty for the creative quiltblock bee
Buckeye beauty for the creative quiltblock bee
Lotjes block for the confort circle

Muriels blocks for the comfort circle
Churn dashes for the comfort circle
Swoon in orange and aqua for the joining hands bee
Churn dash variety in green and bordeaux red for the joining hands bee
Whirlwinds for the comfort circle
a "don't remember the name, but like the block" for the joining hands bee
Autumn log cabins for the comfort circle

Chain block for the joining hands bee
9 patch for the creative quiltblock bee (last one)
handsewn dresden plate for the joining hands bee
Friendship circle (paperpieced) for the joining hands bee
That is a whole list, which brings me back to my 1 resolution in my last post: Make more for myself and my family! Though I learn a lot from my bees and meet lots of nice people from over the world. And I do love a project I can finish in one night, so I still see some bees in my future! The quilts from the blocks everyone made for me in the creative quiltblocks bee and the joining hands bee will of course be for me and mine! But they will see the light in 2014!

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donderdag 2 januari 2014

Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend

Let us all sing some Abba today to make us feel cosy and cheery!

And let's sum up our accomplishments, to make us itchy to make even more!

Finished quilts 2013:

Scrappy trip for Anne
Modern sampler for Elsje
Boaty baby for Yannick

Fly away do good stitches Care circle
Retro churn dashes for Boasson
Granny's front porch for do good stitches comfort cicrcle
Another churn dash theme for Saar
Aqua and grey diamonds for Daniel
So as you can see I need to make something for my self next year:
First resolution: Make more for my self/my family!

I'll be back with a bee block summary 2013!Pin It


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