woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Winter time - more farmer's wife blocks

In Holland we do summer and winter time. To me it is a whole lot of fuss and for what. We all have to adjust all our clocks twice a year, adjust our sleeping and waking routines... But it does give a wintery feeling, coming home after work when it is already dark, for what it's worth.

To add some color to all these glum thoughts, I have some farmers wife work to show you. They turned out pretty good! The Northern Lights one could have had some more contrast, but I love the color effects on the other blocks.

FWQ #60 Noon & Light

FWQ #57 Morning

FWQ #61 Northern lights

FWQ #59 Night & Day

FWQ #62 Old Windmill
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zondag 26 oktober 2014

family week

We've spent a week together being free together. Celebrating birthdays, being outside, cleaning house, undertaking small adventures, having some just be time. Tomorrow we will start our usual routine, but I have to take a deep breath to make myself face it. I could have easily done another week like this one. Even two. But after day 1, we will probably all be used to it again. Some pictures of our lovely week.
feeding the ducks near our house

A day in the zoo

We have made our first halloween pumpkin

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zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Mother's dream - Farmer's wife

My baby boy will be eight years old soon, he is definetly a Mother's dream. I saw his body change from a chubby baby to a compact todler. From a todler to a pre-school boy, still small but wiser and less compact. Now he is none of those things, he is tall and boyishly "cool". Too big for a lot of things in his eyes, but definitely not to cuddle with his mommy thank god. He is such a smart, strong, handsome and sweet boy, though he can be cranky and obstinate like a real human. And my love for him still grows deeper as he grows older and shows more of the man he will be some day. Enough of dreaming mothers, let's show the mother's dream block en the other farmer's wife finishes.

FWQ #58 Mother's dream
FWQ #55 Linoleum
FWQ # 56 Maple Leaf
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woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Be peaceful at 38

My  birthday was last week. The big 38. This picture is taken approcimately 30 years ago, when I was still cute, sweet and non wrinkly.

The Sugar Block Chalenge for this month was "be peaceful". I am not usually a very agitated person (I think), but I can be. I need to feel in control to some extent and if I don't feel in control I can take this state of mind with me for some time. It helps when I am outside for a while (that's why riding my bike to work really works for me), or if I make my self concentrate on something else. Actually sewing seems to help. Being busy with my hand makes my mind focus on the practicalities at hand and my frustration or agitated state leaves my head gradually through the backdoor. Cuddling with my children on the couch after a long day at work and really intently listening to them and talking to them can do the trick for me too. What makes you feel peaceful?

Th 9 previous blocks - just 2 to go
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zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

this weather is unbelievable

Eating ice creams in shorts in october, we enjoy every minute! Some happy pictures.

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woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

Of all the things you do, they were all yellow. (coldplay)

We put this song on Fedde's birth anouncement. It makes me feel al warm and fuzzy all over again when I hear it. And it came to mind, as a song almost alway does when I am thinking something up, when I read Muriel's assignment for october in the comfort circle. Houses floating in a yellow background.

So I made up a little village and improvised a church on a scrappy yellow background.


It will make a sunny quilt for someone who is in need of it!

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zondag 5 oktober 2014

some lovely boaty beachy randomness!

I have been working on the quilttop of the boat beach quilt for the comfort circle. I received lots of lovely creative and beautifully made blocks in all colors and sizes. And with them strips of fabric or small blocks to fill up the gaps. But how to start. First I put up some batting on the wall and just randomly placed the blocks on it. After some rearranging I was happy with how the blocks would be spread over the quilt.

After I just started with a block, deciding the height of a row and made a row. This is the half way point.

There are some lovely nooks and corners in this quilt. Let's close up

And the grand total, though still a little to skinny. I wil think on how to enlarge it.

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woensdag 1 oktober 2014

The economy is showing progress

Not just internationally, also in my small studio. I have been working on an economy block quilt on the side, when cutting in to fabrics I cut some economy block size and put them in their own container. If I have need of some mindless sewing with happy colors I grab the container and chainpiece a few together. Instand satisfaction!

I always use the redpepperquilts tutorial, not the paperpiecing one, but the regular recipee. 60 economy blocks so far. Since they measure only 5,5 inch I do have some to go. I will probably need about 150 for a single bed quilt....

See you soon.
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