maandag 26 mei 2014

My pride and joy

Need I say more? These handsome ones can make me smile any time. My Alexander has a motorcycle weekend each year and he rents a bike. The boys think this really cool. They always want to sit on the parked bike to make some cool pictures. Look at my smallest, he is looking at his daddy in awe! So cute!

So that being said about my joy, onto the joy block of the sugar block club. This is the fifth block we made. I am still very fond of the choice of colors and fabrics for this quilt; auqua's, lilacs, greens, geys and lots of simple white, based on the little bundle I had. This block was paperpieced and compared to the size of the farmers wife blocks, easy peasy!

Her is the mosaic of the earlier blocks

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zaterdag 24 mei 2014

economy blocks

Inspired by the dutch economy I am happily and constantly working on my own economy (block quilt). When cutting in to some fabric for something else, I always lay aside a center or some small or bigger triangles in a zip loc bag. So whenever I feel like it, I can sew some blocks together. Since I usually have an hour or so to spare to sew, a few economy blocks, from already cut fabric, are always an easy option if I have no other inspiration, or my other projects overwhelm me. These are the results of some of these snatched hours, working on my economy. They will make a lovely bold and colorful quilt in the end I think, no deadlines, no pressure, just little beautiful blocks, just for me.

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woensdag 21 mei 2014

Bzzzz- Bee block update: Ladies, all the ladies....

The weather was nice, work and family were busy, so I guess not so much sewing and blogging the last weeks. But Nicolette has already chosen her block for the june round of the comfort circle and that was something to give me some fast and instant sewing satisfaction. The block is called ladies aid and you can find a tutorial on her blog here. She asked for muted colors...I seem to have lots of vibrant colors and not so many muted ones, but I found some lovely combo's.This will give some lovely secondary patterns when put together I think! Nice choice Noicolette!

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dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Double Dutch Quilt Along - strawberry fields forever

Being in the double dutch group has inspired me a lot. To be able to talk to people in real life about quilting and working on projects together is very fun and exciting. The round robins we have worked on together are becoming lovely quilts, both harmonious but still you can detect styles and personalities in them. And now we are off on a new adventure. We are doing a Quilt along for a random sampler. A random sampler is a collection of blocks you put randomly in a quilt, no neat rows, or planning ahead to much.

We worked an a charity random sampler together on our last meet. And puzzling all diferent blocks and pieces together randomly was enormously inspiring too. We have decided than and there that we would jump in and make one for ourselves. Will you join us?

It's really a commitment as big as you like. We will all post block instructions each month in our turn and we will use a flickr group you can join to communicate and show each other our blocks. You can make one block, five, none for that month, whatever you like to do.

Lotje has kicked of the quilt along in this post. And has posted the first block, you can find it here.
I've chosen a color scheme a little off my normal pallet. I love my red fabrics and I never seem to use them. And I am very much in love with a table cloth I used for inspiration. It will be red, all blues and turquoises, white and minty green.

I have made two tangram houses:

One with a tree in front of it and one in strawberry fields forever. That will be the name of this quilt!
Pleas join us! If you have questions, you know where to find me!

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zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Farmer's daughter

Making the next batch of blocks I was wondering, would my life be very different if I grew up a famer's daughter, I can't even think up what that would look like.

FWQ 28 Duck and Ducklings

FWQ 29 Economy

FWQ 30 End of Day

FWQ 31 Evening star

FWQ 32 Farmer's Daughter

Mosaic with 32 blocks, we are getting somewhere now
See you soon!

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woensdag 7 mei 2014

birthday boy

We had the party! And he got is own "tree house" and an I spy quilt to go with it!

His daddy and his aunt made him a "Buurman en Buurman" cake (neighbour and neighbour?) at his request.

And I finished the I spy quilt for him by handquilting it following the diamonds in multiple color threads. (also at his request, don't we spoil our youngest most do you think?) I bound it with a blue and white stripe and backed it with the hippo fabric I bought at Ikea a long time ago, some of his fathers old shirt and some elephants (from kokka I think). I love handquilting a small project like this in front of a good movie!

And the birthday boy himself to top it off!

My big big boy, sometimes I wish we could turn back time, just for a day!
See you soon!
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maandag 5 mei 2014

ohio star - another baby finish

I've finished the ohio star baby quilt for lottte. I've shown you the top earlier, you can find it here. I've finished it with my favorite Ikea backing and a fuchsia pink gingham binding. It's quilted in white with an "orange peel" pattern. It needed some roundness. I used my walking foot to make it and it was really do-able and I am absolutely crazy about the result. Of course it's not perfect on the first try and since I do not mark the quilt before sewing. When I get the chance I will definitely use it again.

For the Ohio star top I've used a lovely tutorial from RedPepperQuilts. For the quilting I looked at lots of tutorials on the internet and then just tried. Just type in "orange peel quilting" and you will find one to your liking.

Quilt Stats: 
Name: Lotte's Ohio star
Pattern: Ohio star
Fabric front: Lots of
Fabric Back: Ikea
Binding: by hand in a fuchsia gingham
Quilting: By machine whith a white thread and an orange peel pattern using my walking foot.

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