maandag 25 mei 2015

getting stuck - 1718 quilt-along

I've made some more blocks for the 1718 quilt-along. I've finished most of the April blocks. But I seem to get stuck. The assignment for May has (too) many applique blocks I don't feel like making and I do not feel belong in my quilt. For the april assignment I made some alternative blocks too. Some of the applique is just not my style. But in a way that is exactly why I joined. Because I wanted to make my own twist on this beautiful historic quilt and learn to hand applique. So instead of losing the feeling and getting frustrated on this one, I think I am going to take a brake from it, put it all in perspective.

Let's look at some more blocks I made:

My alternative for pattern 28 a partidge was a free style bird

My alternative for patter 40 four tulips

Patterns 29,30, 39 and alternative for pattern 40 a single flower

Another hand appliqued block 1, this time with a simple background.

I'll be back on this, but now I'm hopping over to the quilt-along for Jen Kingwell's My small world quilt along. You can find more info over at It

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

birthday boy!

My little lion cub turned 5. I know it's cliche, but yesterday he was my sweet natured chubby toddler.... Sigh....

We made some bookmarks to go with his treats as a family effort. I did the cutting, my big boy punched in the names on my sewing machine (which happens to have an alphabet embroidery function on it) and my youngest was lying under my desk to work the pedal. After that they gave up and I finished them up. They are easy to make and quick! You can find a tutorial for them on my blog!

See you soon!

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zondag 17 mei 2015

Blogger's spring quilt festival 2015

I'm joining in the great online exhibition of quilts over on Amy's Creative Side: The Blogger's spring quilt festival 2015. A great opportunity to look at all kinds of lovely quilts and get some inspiration.

I've chosen the xxx baby quilt for my new niece Florine. She asked for a pink and aqua/greenish color scheme. The background is made of low volume fabrics using only white, off white and beige colors to make the x's pop out. 

I started out using only soft pinks, but added some more fuchsias and even some neon to make it more lively. I machine quilted it with some free style curves. In the quitting I als used soft pinks on one side and darker pink on the other half. 

It is backed with a pink alphabet flannel and some melody miller fabric (which is also made out of cross stitches and our last name happens to be bee in dutch) and hardbound with some solid light pink. 

I am entering this quilt in the category: Small quilts, you can find it here. I hope everyone is submitting their beautiful work and that you all browse around to admire our work. 

See you soon!
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zaterdag 16 mei 2015

bzzzz - bee block update

There's not a lot of updates. I'm not in a lot of bees these days. But I do love sewing with my friends of the comfort circle of do good stitches. This months assignment is a block called Shoo Fly. As you know I love block names and make some blocks just because I love the name of them. I'm curious what this means it should look like though. When I looked it up it seemed to mean rocking chair, or police officer. I don't see either in them. Do you know?

This assignment was by silly banana sewing. She made a tutorial for this block in three sizes on her blog. You can find it here. She asked for solid whites and blue prints. I am of course the queen of blue stash fabrics (I have two stacks of blue as opposed to 1/3 stack of yellow..., I am on a blue fabric buying diet ever since) so I pulled out some lovelies (I think).

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donderdag 14 mei 2015

back in time again

I joined the 1718 coverlet quilt-along (more info here) mainly because I had never done hand-applique before and would like to try it. I also have a special place for history in a romantic way. I love to go back in time reading historical novels especially those situated in the UK. I have read almost every Tudor novel there is, for example. As I have told you before I am also a great "Outlander" fan. You can read more about that addiction here. This series is often found in the "science fiction" corner of amazon or the library. which I think is total nonsense. To me these are historical novels too. I especially love watching the TV series of it (which is now airing on the Belgian channel on Friday night) while doing some applique. I am still struggling with it a little, but I am getting the hang of it. Though I try, it is hard to keep up with the tempo of the quilt-along. But I do keep making progress. Let's do some pics.

These are the new hand appliqued blocks:

And these are machine pieced:

I love his design, but it didn't come together at once, I'll tell you that!

I made my own paperpiece pattern for this one!

4 blocks together

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woensdag 6 mei 2015

The city quilter

This is the first time I visited a quilt shop in New York too. I loved the city quilter. I couldn't resist buying a few things even though my suitcase almost burst on the way back!

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zondag 3 mei 2015

These little town blues, are melting away - 5 tips for a trip to New York

I'll make a brand new start of it, in old New York...

We went (again)! We loved it (again)! And when we will go for the fourth time I hope to be with my boys, to show them everything we love about it! There are of course a thousand books and blogs and what not around for your trip to New York. But I would like to give you five tips for things not a lot of new comers to New York know or do. And they are budget choices too.

Tip 1: Roosevelt Island Tram
Take the Roosevelt Island Tram. It is free if you have a metro card, it is a lovely ride and it gives you a great view of the city! You can find more info here.

Tip 2: East River Ferry
Take the metro to the first stop in Brooklyn and walk down to the river. You have a nice park, a lovely ice cream shop and a beautiful view of the bridges. I you are there take the East river ferry uptown and stay on till the last stop. It only costs 4,50 and it is a lovely ride with great views. You can find more info here.
Tip 3: Coney Island
Please take the metro to Coney Island. See the amusement park and the beach. It takes only two tramfares (2,75) and you meet the place where New Yorkers go to relax. It is also a place you have probably seen often on TV (for example on the Sopranos). It has a vintage quality to it and really gives you a sense of the culture and a little time away form the craziness of Manhattan. More info here.
Tip 4: Go to a game
We went to a Yankee game. We loved it. Not just the game, but the whole experience. Going on a packed train, because everyone is going. Seeing whole families going together, the true fans, the stadium. Having a beer and a hotdog. But I imagine a ballgame, or another game will give a similar experience. Please go! you can book tickets on the internet in advance. We paid only 10 dollars for a ticket. More Info

Tip 5: Staten Island Ferry
You can take all kinds of expensive boat trips. But the best of all is the free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. You can go up and down all day if you like. It has great views of Lady Liberty, Ellis Island and the skyline! No other boat trips needed. More info.
But most of all, Go, it's an experience I would wish on everybody.
See you soon

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