zondag 11 september 2016

Finished Scrap Vomit quilt for Noor

I was always intrigued by the name of this quilt pattern. It was a hit some years ago and I wanted to make one ever since. The first step is to collect as many different 2,5 inch squares as you can. The theory of this quilt is they can be pretty or ugly, you won't see that when te quilt is finished. The quilt is all about the overall effect and not the individual fabrics.

So I have spent many evenings going through my scraps and cutting them into squares. A good way to organise your scraps at the same time since every piece passes your hands. I made categories:
- bigger than 5 inch square (sorted bij color in bins),
- smaller than 2,5 inch in one big shoe box,
- all sizes of strips in a box for a strip project,
- triangles all together in a box
- and a scrap vomit preparation box with 2 1/2 inch squares.
I did this watching Downtown Abbey on my computer and these were very happy evenings for me. I have enough squares prepared to make at least one other scrap vomit quilt. I do love the frugalness of using every last bit of those coveted fabrics.

After that I cut the solid squares that make the pattern. I chose white and red and black for the fierceness of the contrast that suits my niece. My niece is a creative and sweet girl but underneath her soft and sweet appearance there is a bold and fierce and colorful girl. That is the girl I thought of when I was choosing the colors and making the quilt. Her favorite color being red I made that the central color in the quilt.

I made 12 7x7 scrap blocks and 12 blocks with the cross pattern. The quilt is meant for a single bed. It is quilted with a dogwood pattern. Half the quilt with multicolored thread. I needed another spool, which I didn't have, so I did the other half in a soft pink. I like the effect! I am not an accomplished free motion quilter but I think half of it is just daring to do it and do it often to steady your hands and technique. Dogwood quilting in squares does give you aim and a structure to quilt in. 

It is and bound with a buttery yellow stripe to soften up all the bold colors a bit. It is backed with some vintage fabric and a red flowered fabric I bought when I started quilting but never found a good use for because of the scale of the print.

This is a finish of some time ago, but I am giving the quilt to Noor today for her 11th birthday so it could not be revealed before. This is made especially for you, with love. Pin It

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Linda zei

Beautiful work! :)

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