maandag 24 februari 2014

the basket round robin

My own round robin started with a basket. In aqua and grey, which is a color combination I love.  Lots of lovely rounds were added by my Double dutch quilty friends. Slowly more limish green and purple were added. I'm not a purple person, but I couldn't help my self, I love it!

I received it back at our last meet and I decided tot put it "en point", which is a very professional quilting term for adding triangles to the sides. I had no idea how to do this with such a big thing. So I started sketching and browsing and measuring and pulling fabrics.

For anyone who is a little rusty in calculating how big a triangle should be when you only know the diagonal this is a useful link. I'm very proud of myself to calculate, cut and sew in a flow without making mistakes!

I chose a glittery white from michael miller, one of my favorite amy butlers (it reminds me of martini's with olives for some reason), a small flowery fabric (I bought in France) and an oakshot purple.

Did some sketshing and calculating, and this is the result, on my new showline of course!

See you soon!
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vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Merry go round

I love the round robins we do for double dutch! The XS group (those who live near) came to see my new home, chat, drink tea and sew a little. We exchanged some round robins too.

I got my own back, on which I can't wait to add another round. And I got the one from nicolette. I had made the second round a while a go and I love what the others added. To me a round robin adds an extra challenge above a bee. You have something hanging on your wall, you add to the design choices others made and it isn't just a block but a border you add. I choose to add stacks of bricks in soft and hot pinks, petrolish colors, greys and whites. In the corners I repeated the square in squares in black. I love the result! I'm learning to love black in the designs too! It took me some time, but I'm starting to take to it!


See you soon!

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dinsdag 18 februari 2014

more economy blocks and a Valenine´s present

He must love me! He made me a show off line as a surprise on valentines day! I sure love him!

And I made some more economy blocks. I know the cutting measurements by heart now and if I´m cutting for something else I also cut some economy pieces and put them in a special economy bag. So if I feel like it, I can make some blocks at any time!

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zaterdag 15 februari 2014

Some color in the new garden

My first finish for the first quarter of the finish along! It is my sister in law´s quilt! I Finished the top in december, you can find it here. I backed it with an orange linnen fabric and quilted in light blue with some FMQ practice using loops. I´m not good at it yet, but I like the result anyway! It´s bound with an orange-white checker fabric. I´ve made pictures in my new garden. The gardener has finished it´s renovation. I will do the planting myself in the spring. I´m so happy with it, I could dance.

Aqua tangerine jelly roll quilt

Orange linnen backing

Loopy FMQ

With a little touch of sun

The house as seen from the back of the garden

My new square meter vegetable patches

Waiting for some beautiful plants. There will be wisteria, Aluin, viburnum, ...

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zondag 9 februari 2014

Mosaic - farmers wife

I have reached 12! So I could make a mosaic. They use them on flickr all the time, but I didn't know how. After some wrestling with bighugelabs:

1. fwq 2 Autumn tints, 2. fwq 1 attic window, 3. FWQ 3 Basket, 4. fwq 4 basket weave, 5. FWQ 8 Bouquet, 6. FWQ 7 Birds in the air, 7. FWQ 6 Big Dipper, 8. fwq 5 Bat Wing, 9. FWQ 9 Box, 10. FWQ 12 Broken Sugar Bowl, 11. #fwqal bowtie, 12. FWQ 11 Broken Dishes

We are getting somewhere!
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vrijdag 7 februari 2014


I made some more economy blocks! With Rita's lovely tutorial.

my last batch, I always make a few at once so I can chainpiece

This was my last grand total update picture
And I made another block for the sugarblockclub BOM. This one is called Peace.

January Intention
February Peace
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woensdag 5 februari 2014

Ready for spring

Are you? Ready for spring? The weather in Holland seems to skip the real wintery patch. Some days it's more like fall. But today, with the sun beaming through the windows it's more like spring and I love it! Nature can't make up it's own mind, the bulbs are popping out of the ground and some trees are showing buds. And I just hope for them, that winter doesn't decide to show up late and destroy all this beauty.

I am spending an hour here and an hour there sewing, so no big accomplishments, just a block here and there. Today I will show some new farmers wives and the February blocks for the comfort circle (do good stitches)

FWQ #5 Batwing

FWQ #9 Box
Lotje chose a lovely design and unusual color choices. I'm a true black and white person, when it comes to decorating my home and choosing outfits, but in my quilts I am just getting used to having black in my palette. But these black and low volumes make me reconsider!

I've used 5 different old shirts for the low volumes next to some scraps!

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zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Moving on a generation

Some years ago we were one of the first in our circle to own an iPad, brought from the states. What an amazing machine! We never saw anything like it. And for weeks now I have been complaining how slow it got, that I couldn't update everything anymore etc. What has happened in this short time. What seemed like megamodern a few years ago, is old technology now. And we bought a new one. I'm over the moon with it. And I try to realize that it will be old technology in a few years too. What will those years bring that we cannot imagine yet...

But since the old one and it's cover is now owned by our boys to do their games, we did need a new cover of course! So I made an envelope like sleeve for it in a quilt as you go-ish approach. I even used some of my very small piece of coveted fishes. I love that fabric. I have paid lots for a very small piece a few years back, but I have been to cheap to use it in anything yet. I just got it out sometimes, stroked it and put it back. Do you do that? My husband laughs at me for such behavior. There a re lots of precious (to me) fabric in this, but I use it every day, so it is totally worth it!

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