woensdag 25 februari 2015

knitting basket

I don't seem to be able to stop pinning all kinds of fabric baskets. I just love them and have made many in the past. I made myself a basket for the wool and my current knit I need at hand near the couch. I made one using this tutorial I found on pinterest. And it's reversible too! You can fold it, or don't. I am usually baffled by all the sorts or filling for baskets and bags. Usually I can't find the American brands in Holland and I have to guess what weight to use. But this filling can be bought at quiltboutique.nl I found out, if you want to make one too. I used a canvas for the outside fabric and used the iron on filling only for the lining. I think this is stiff enough.

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zaterdag 21 februari 2015

My crafty big boy

He was very annoyed that the little (pink!) hat I knitted for my to be born niece wasn't for him..... In his world everything I make should be for him. But I love that he still loves my homemade things, it will not last through puberty I am afraid. So I picked up my needles and let him pick colors and design. He made a pompon for the top in his color scheme already and now asks, about every night if I have finished it yet! Well it's not, but I'll show you my progress....

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woensdag 18 februari 2015


The x quilt top for my to be born baby niece is done!

 I used this tutorial by pile'ofacbric to make the x-es. There are several sizes available. I've made 6 inch blocks, since I happen to own a six inch square ruler and some cutting is involved. After considering making the cross stitches into the shape of a bird or snowflake, I decided to make a random lay-out with a few open spaces. The background is my interpretation of low volume, but only in white and beige-ish colors to keep it together. The baby room will be pink with minty green. I did use a variety of shades to make it lively. I especially love the touch of the neon pinks (again) and will have to by many yards of that fabric. The top now measures 48x60 inch and is a perfect cribsize I think.

Now I have to decide on backing and after that quilting. I am not sure about the quilting yet. Any ideas? Straight lines? something more round? Well let's sleep on it, see you soon!

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zaterdag 14 februari 2015

baby love, my baby love

My baby sister is having a second baby girl soon. If you believe it maybe I can. Weren't we 16 two weeks ago? Since soon will probably be march I had to pick up the crafting pace!

I love knitting, but I can handle only small and simple projects, baby gifts are perfect for getting out my needles and unnecessarily bog wool stash.

You can find the description here in multiple sizes and variations even. They are just two nights of knitting in front of your favorite tv program.

I also made some progress on the quilt I have been preparing. Just a sneak peak!

See you soon!

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zondag 1 februari 2015

For the love of Hexies and Scraps

I admit to having difficulty with cutting into my stash and I love scrappy projects. This is a difficult combo...  So this is what I do: If I do cut into my stash for a new project I immediately cut some triangles for my economy blocks, save some for my scrappy Farmer's wife quilt and I leave the small scraps for my hexies. I cut into my stash, to make scraps LOL. Well, I decided it's okay to be weird in some things....

My scrappy hexies are still progressing, though not at a steady pace. Some weeks I stitch a few on every night and there are months I don't touch them. I almost never make any pictures since I work on them at night in front of the tv. I did some last night and I noticed I needed a new stash of hexies. So me and my helpers set to work today to make some. This gave me the opportunity of making some pictures of my project, now counting 1248 hexagons. Unbelievable.

May I remind you that my Alexander requested this to be a queensize quilt when we retire, I've been working on it for more than three years...

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