zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Some fun in the sun

In between packing boxes and choosing tiles for our new bathroom we did have fun in the last sunny days of the season at the beach! Just some fun shots!

2 brothers
3 sisters (I am in the middle)
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woensdag 28 augustus 2013

do good - Granny's front porch

Hi everyone, a quick hello surrounded by moving boxes! I finished the Grandma's front porch top before packing up my sewing machine last week! I think the result is so pretty!

The blocks were made by the members from the comfort circle of do good stitches for a little girl who's temporarily placed in another family and in the care of the salvation army. My friends made beautiful and neat blocks, so putting them together was a breeze. For the watchful eye there are two blocks which are a little different from the rest, but I love the imperfectness. The colors are warm and friendly and I hope to accentuate the secondary patterns with the quilting. But that will have to wait for my sewing machine being unpacked in our temporary home.

Since it is a temporary home and a lot smaller than our old and new one, not all my sewing things can come. But my machine and some fabric will definitely be squeezed in there! I actually look forward to a period of "camping" with my little family in a small place that doesn't fit all our things. Especially since we can follow the building of our new home closely, without living in the mess it is now. For now I just wish the move was over and done with, but that will be in the blink of an eye, maybe two. 

The block was made with a tutorial by Canoe ridge creations you can find here.

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woensdag 21 augustus 2013

staying a little up to speed

We are moving in two weeks. And we are renovating our new home. So not so much sewing, but every now and then I sneak away to do just a little something. Beeblocks are perfect small projects!

I made a knot block for the creative quiltblock bee. She asked for colors which aren't my usual choices, but I think my block worked for the new total package which is off to Corinne Louise in France now! The background really remind me of moutarde de Dijon (french mustard)

And I made 2 blocks for the Comfort Circle (do good stitches) for my friend Muriel over at hopfaldera. She has a tutorial for this easy to make block on her blog. They remind me of old records. I'm sure this will make a lovely quilt all put together.

I'm putting together my top for the comfort circle now, so I hope I can show you next week!

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zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

les vacances

What can I say, we loved it!

The tough boys went climbing
They swam and then swam some more
We went on "adventurous" hikes
It was hot and we needed hats (makes you feel french too)
We were outside 24/7
We laughed with our little clowns (with grandma's glasses)
And I did sew a little, this is the hexie progress!
(it measures about 120 cm square now)
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zondag 11 augustus 2013

Long time no see! Happy birthday Elsje!

Hi everyone! I think you've guessed why I was MIA. I got swamped with new house issues and work and left for a short and lovely holiday. You will be glad to know that after I got home from France I put the children to bed, the washing in the machine and I immediately fired up the laptop to tell you I haven't fallen of the edge of the earth (yet). Some busy times are still ahead, so maybe I'll be with you a little less frequently than you and I are used to, but I'll try to keep in touch. If not for you, than for me. I really miss the anchor to create when not blogging. I am not making creative promises to anyone when not blogging, I don't read other blogs, I loose touch.

So I will tell/show you more about the holiday later, but first I will show you a finish that was a secret until my mother in laws birthday. I finished the 4x5 random sampler in blues, greens, greys for her! I promised to finish it in the second quarter for the finish along and I almost made it! You can read more about the making here.

So the short version is that I used the blocks made with two rounds of the 4x5 modern quiltbee. And I added a lot of fabric panels, some flying geese, some extra blocks (the basket, HST's) and made it into a quilt! It's not a very traditional lay-out. I wanted to make it a little different, more playful, with more movement, more randomness to it.

I made it for my mother in law for her birthday, but also for taking care of my boys so very often and for being a hardcore blog fan. She really supports my sewing and quilting a lot, so she deserved a fullsized result! A lovely result for a lovely granny.

Though I didn't make all the blocks my self, I like that there is a cross in there, for she is a nurse, and a granny square for a granny and last but not least I used a shirt of her sons to make the extra blocks. It's a tiny blue and white stripe!

Quit stats
Name: Random granny sampler
Pattern: Lots of
Fabric: Lots of (designer and non designer cottons mixed, even an old shirt)
Quilting: Straight vertical lines
Binding: by hand.

Last but not least: A little sneak peak of my new home to be, so you now why I am busy!

See you soon!

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