woensdag 12 maart 2014

big boys- explore

First of all my little lion cub went to practice pre-school for the first time today! He had great fun and so did his big brother, who could show him around. I thought starting preschool was a very emotional step for me with my eldest, but didn't suspect it feeling exactly the same the second time around. I stopped myself from deciding to take him home more than once on our way to school, thinking up things why he was still too small or too vulnerable to do this. He, on the other hand, did not have such scruples, he just said: bye mommie, see you later. And that was that. I am officially no longer a mom of any toddler....

That being said the block we made in the sugar block club this month had a very good name in the theme of this week: explore! For me and him that means exploring our new boundaries and opportunities, each in our own way! This block is partly paper pieced and partly traditionally pieced. I really enjoyed it! There is lots to see in this block!

So, now we have three! I think this will make a beautiful sampler.

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