vrijdag 28 maart 2014

greenfield - another coproduction

Do you remember the other quilt I made with my quilty friend Lotje for a mutual friend and colleague, you can find it here. We really liked doing it and when another mutual colleague got pregnant we decided to step in again!

We chose a design together and based our color choices on the pictures of the room. Just like last time we've devided the rows. This time around I put together the top. It's a structured and repetitive top, because she's a structured and organised person. With a green/blueish/grey pallette of colors it is fresh, but still calm and soothing. Since Lotje and I work together in IT, greenfield is the name I thought of. Associating with the colors, but also creating something in an empty landscape and a new start. I love the outcome of aur collaboration.

I gave it to lotje with backing and binding and she will sandwich, Quilt and bind it. I will be ordering an iron on name, since Dinze was born this week!

I'll show you the end result soon!

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