zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Mother's dream - Farmer's wife

My baby boy will be eight years old soon, he is definetly a Mother's dream. I saw his body change from a chubby baby to a compact todler. From a todler to a pre-school boy, still small but wiser and less compact. Now he is none of those things, he is tall and boyishly "cool". Too big for a lot of things in his eyes, but definitely not to cuddle with his mommy thank god. He is such a smart, strong, handsome and sweet boy, though he can be cranky and obstinate like a real human. And my love for him still grows deeper as he grows older and shows more of the man he will be some day. Enough of dreaming mothers, let's show the mother's dream block en the other farmer's wife finishes.

FWQ #58 Mother's dream
FWQ #55 Linoleum
FWQ # 56 Maple Leaf
See you soon with birthday picturesPin It

1 opmerking:

Natalie zei

Wat worden ze snel groot hè... Mooie blokjes, wat gebruik je mooie kleuren en printjes!


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