zondag 5 oktober 2014

some lovely boaty beachy randomness!

I have been working on the quilttop of the boat beach quilt for the comfort circle. I received lots of lovely creative and beautifully made blocks in all colors and sizes. And with them strips of fabric or small blocks to fill up the gaps. But how to start. First I put up some batting on the wall and just randomly placed the blocks on it. After some rearranging I was happy with how the blocks would be spread over the quilt.

After I just started with a block, deciding the height of a row and made a row. This is the half way point.

There are some lovely nooks and corners in this quilt. Let's close up

And the grand total, though still a little to skinny. I wil think on how to enlarge it.

I love it so far!Pin It

2 opmerkingen:

Natalie zei

Wat een vrolijke quilt!

Iris zei

Geweldig om te zien hoe fantastisch hij bij elkaar gekomen is. Ik ben helemaal gek op quilts die dit soort ongelijke blokken erin hebben.


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