dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Fabric shopping update

I told you before, shopping fabric in the netherlands is not so easy. I used to order some in the states but the postal rates went up again and I had to pay taxes some time too. So I looked around in england, the rest of europe and japan for alternatives. I have some good ones on my shopping tab. I discovered a new one though in japan where shipping is free when you order more than 50 euro's! www.modes4u.com It takes some time to get here, but if you're not in a hurry... They don't carry all the lines, but they do have lot's of nice fabrics. And I was hunting for the new neon line by michale miller. A triangle quilt has been bubbling in my mind using lots of greys and neutrals and some flashy neons. What can I say I am a child of the eighties! I couldn't resist some texty fabrics, some stripes (lovely for any binding) and some little boys fabric!

See you soon!

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3 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Je hebt daar veel keus. Ik heb er 2x besteld, samen met een hele groep. Dat de verzendkosten vanaf 50 euro gratis zijn wist ik niet, misschien moet ik er ook weer eens kijken.
Ik ben benieuwd naar de quilt die je in je hoofd hebt, klinkt mooi!

vee zei

Mijne portemonnee is blij zenne, dat er hier niet te veel stofkeuze is.....

Liesellove zei

Mooie stofjes. Ga de site ook eens verkennen :)


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