woensdag 2 november 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Filippa Quilt

I'm entering my kaleidoscope quilt in the Bloggers Quilt festival over at amyscreativeside. This quilt is the result of the first quilt-along over at Don't call me Betsy. I have been quilting/sewing for a good 2 years and blogging for almost a year. I used blogland as my inspiration and spend evening after evening hopping from one exciting blog in the next. The quilt along was the first thing I actually participated in. I loved the interaction and inspiration you get from doing this with people form all over the world. Later I also joined the farmers wife quilt along, which I'm still trying to keep up with and the cross the sea quilt-along. Now I joined the 4x5 modern quiltbee. Linking to the Bloggers quiltfestival is another step for me in participating further in this energetic virtual world behind my screen.


I made this quilt while baby sister Valerie was expecting her first baby. Last week my little niece Filippa was born I'm very proud of her and my sis and love them both very much. So this quilt was made with a lot of love and a little less skill. The kaleidoscope pattern needs to be made very precisely so the corners match. I made that happen a few times, but not all. So that's what I learned, spending a lot of time on accurate preparing, makes the work later easier, more fun and the result even better. I also learned it helps having support from likeminded people all over the world.

I ordered fat quartes from many designers in shades of aqua, pink and fuchsia and used plain white as a background. The backing was made of patchworck printed fabric to spice it up a bit. It's a cribsize quilt. I handquilted it with a lightpink thread, following the pattern.

Kaleidoscope quilt Philippa


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3 opmerkingen:


Heel mooi!! ook het verhaal!

Camille zei

It looks so good! Love the choice of fabrics.

I still haven't finished mine :(

stitchinpenny zei

So very cute and colorful!


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