vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Creative boys

Morritz and Fedde asked for "good markers" for Christmas. They both like drawing very much. So that is what Santa bought. And he was happy to do so, since it didn't include a screen, fighting, yelling or other not so much loved parts of what the boys like most. But Morritz was a bit disappointed when he got them, because he wanted the markers to be in a roll like his friend had at school. So we set to work together to make a roll together fitting his markers exactly! I have made pencil rolls before and didn't use a tutorial, but just started to make it, finding out on the way! He picked out the fabrics, helped me to measure and sew, we had a good time together. And he was so happy with it he took it to bed with him and has been drawing ever since. If you ever needed motivation to make something for your kids, wouldn't that be it?

As has his little brother who, of course, wouldn't be left behind. He got a little sturdier markers, like the little man he is and we picked some penguin fabric together.

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