zaterdag 6 september 2014

Homeward Bound

These blocknames, they kill me. Homeward Bound instantly brings me to the moment I step on to my bycicle or in to my car after work. If I am on my way home, no one can stop me. I am a working mum and for me this brings a good balance between being a mum and homemaker and challenging myself in other ways. I never mind working, I enjoy it. But once I enter my car, all I can think of is my boys and getting to them as fast as possible. Homeward Bound it is.

Another set of three little blocks finished. If I keep it up, maybe there will be a Farmers Wife quilt in the beginning of the new year.... Or maybe later, let's do this without deadlines and to much pressure and keep it fun.

FWQ # 47 Homemaker

FWQ #48 Homeward Bound

FWQ # 50 Honey's Choice
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