zaterdag 6 december 2014

Thank you Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is something like the dutch Santa. He comes from Spain by boat and celebrates his birthday in the Netherlands on December fifth. It is a real dutch tradition. The children can put their shoe by the fireplace and sing special "Sinterklaas" songs. They get special "Sinterklaas" candy or a gift. (something like the stocking thing) On December fifth we celebrate "pakjesavond" which translates to "parcel-evening" (comes close to Christmas morning) and he brings by presents for everyone. This is the most special night in a child's year here in Holland. Just to show you how special, look at my big boys face while he is opening his gift. I love him to pieces. I so love this tradition, I can really recall the apprehension living up to this event.

And Sinterklaas bought me some.... fabric, yeeah!

I really "needed" more minty green... My baby sister is having a baby girl in march and her colors will be minty green, light pink and beige! I am thinking up layouts and blocks, but no definite decisions yet. Now I can ponder some more while looking at and touching the farbrics.. Much better.

See you soon!Pin It

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