maandag 26 mei 2014

My pride and joy

Need I say more? These handsome ones can make me smile any time. My Alexander has a motorcycle weekend each year and he rents a bike. The boys think this really cool. They always want to sit on the parked bike to make some cool pictures. Look at my smallest, he is looking at his daddy in awe! So cute!

So that being said about my joy, onto the joy block of the sugar block club. This is the fifth block we made. I am still very fond of the choice of colors and fabrics for this quilt; auqua's, lilacs, greens, geys and lots of simple white, based on the little bundle I had. This block was paperpieced and compared to the size of the farmers wife blocks, easy peasy!

Her is the mosaic of the earlier blocks

See you soon!Pin It

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