woensdag 28 augustus 2013

do good - Granny's front porch

Hi everyone, a quick hello surrounded by moving boxes! I finished the Grandma's front porch top before packing up my sewing machine last week! I think the result is so pretty!

The blocks were made by the members from the comfort circle of do good stitches for a little girl who's temporarily placed in another family and in the care of the salvation army. My friends made beautiful and neat blocks, so putting them together was a breeze. For the watchful eye there are two blocks which are a little different from the rest, but I love the imperfectness. The colors are warm and friendly and I hope to accentuate the secondary patterns with the quilting. But that will have to wait for my sewing machine being unpacked in our temporary home.

Since it is a temporary home and a lot smaller than our old and new one, not all my sewing things can come. But my machine and some fabric will definitely be squeezed in there! I actually look forward to a period of "camping" with my little family in a small place that doesn't fit all our things. Especially since we can follow the building of our new home closely, without living in the mess it is now. For now I just wish the move was over and done with, but that will be in the blink of an eye, maybe two. 

The block was made with a tutorial by Canoe ridge creations you can find here.

See you soon!Pin It

3 opmerkingen:

dutchcomfort zei

It’s gorgeous Eva-Marie!! Love the colours. The little girl will surely be warmed and comforted!

You’ve got me wondering, so you didn’t move to a definite new home yet?

Francis Paul zei

it's lovely!!!

Muriel zei

The top looks great! That tutorial is a keeper!

Good luck with whole move/ renovation/ move again!!


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