woensdag 21 augustus 2013

staying a little up to speed

We are moving in two weeks. And we are renovating our new home. So not so much sewing, but every now and then I sneak away to do just a little something. Beeblocks are perfect small projects!

I made a knot block for the creative quiltblock bee. She asked for colors which aren't my usual choices, but I think my block worked for the new total package which is off to Corinne Louise in France now! The background really remind me of moutarde de Dijon (french mustard)

And I made 2 blocks for the Comfort Circle (do good stitches) for my friend Muriel over at hopfaldera. She has a tutorial for this easy to make block on her blog. They remind me of old records. I'm sure this will make a lovely quilt all put together.

I'm putting together my top for the comfort circle now, so I hope I can show you next week!

See you soon!Pin It

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