dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Boat beach quilt

For my next turn in the comfort circle (july) I already pitched my idea, so everyone can make my blocks in their own time. I've decided, in the random samplerish mood I am, to not choose a block for everyone to make, but decided to let things emerge from our own creativeness. My instruction to my bee mates was this:

Maybe you know I donate my quilts to the salvation army who run a temporary foster home in my neighbourhood. Kids are placed there for observation away form their homes and families. Sometimes they can go back home after some time, sometimes they go to foster homes after that. Most of the quilts we make seem to be more suitable for girls than for boys. So I would like to make a boys version this time. 

And I thought about a boat/beach/sailing kind of theme, leaving everyone free to make 1 block in this theme and some "fillers" to go with them. 

Fillers could be a row of flying geese, some economy blocks, friendship stars, hourglasses, half square triangles, or maybe just some fabric strips for a border.

The block could be a traditional or paperpieced boat (there can be many boats for the boys), lighthouse, seastar, seahorse, seagull/bird. Many patterns can be found when googeling. And mind you, the blocks can be any size. I would love to improvise this quilt together in a random sampler kind of way. Lotje has a great example of what I mean by a random sampler on her blog. Let's use our imagination and feel free of restrictions.

The colors would be boyish and sailing related, so mainly blues (all kinds) beige ore sandy colors, yellows (sun), whites, maybe a touch of bright red (a flag?) to give it some sparkle, or a little green (a tree). 

What do you all think, could this work? Or would you rather I choose a nice block tutorial, because I can do that too? But I thought maybe for a little break? Please let me know what you think. 


I've started to pin about for some inspiration www.pinterest.com/zusjeb/boat-beach-quilt/ 

And without having made a block myself (which is traditionally what you do to give an example and an idea of the colors and pattern you've chosen), all these wonderfull blocks started to pop up on Flickr and Instagram! Within hours, okay maybe days, of me posting this!

And today, (still weeks from the start of july, let alone the end of it) I have this to show from my mailbox:

This is not how I will lay out the quilt, I have no iead how to do that yet, but to get an idea how everything will fit together.The anchor and the geese are from Muriel, the little folded paper boats and the fabric strips from Marianna in Spain. The bright blocks are signaling flags you use when sailing and signify letters (I am told), such a great idea from Francis Paul (Alphenquilts). She also made the lovely sailboats! 
The lighthouse in the night is my addition. I decided to wait with making something else, so I can see what is missing in terms of space, themes and colors when I have received all the blocks. Is do have in mind to add some of my beachhouses fabric later on.

This will make a great quilt!

See you soon!Pin It

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