woensdag 4 juni 2014

La douce France!

La vie est belle en France. I spent a long weekend in the south of France with two of my great friends. No husbands, no children. It was pure bliss. The weather was wonderfull, we bathed in the sun, reading books. We drank wine, ate lovely french things, played a little card game on the porch with the sinking sun in view. We shopped and visited lovely picturesque farmer's markets in small villages.

It was so odd to think just for yourself in those few days and not much more than an hour ahead. What do I want to do is a question working moms don't get to ask themselves very often. So I am truly thankful to my Alexander and my boys who let me go and enjoyed a boys weekend and to my parents who gave us such a lovely home away from home in France, where I can go to be nothing but myself for just a couple of days.

I missed my boys of course and being home again is a gift too.

Nothing much to show you in terms of sewing though. But I can show some of my new french treasures.

1 euro per meter backings

Lovely fabrics from my favorite shop in Uzes Provence

And I found these in a booth on the farmers market
Now I've said hello I can go sew something,

see you soon!

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4 opmerkingen:

!neke zei

Nou , nou, Eef mooie score!
Geniet ervan!

Iris zei

Die backingstoffen zijn echt een super prijs en n snoezig motiefje. Welcome back

tante b zei

heerlijk voor je eva!

tante b zei

heerlijk voor je eva!


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