zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Like mother like son - you've gotta love the next generation

He asked me a million times already. And I gave in. He wanted to make a blanket for "pop". Pop is dutch for puppet. It's his comfort and sleeping softie. Very worn and old, since my son is seven now and he hasn't slept one night without it in his life.

Not knowing if he would go through with it when I had said yes, I gave him a task to pick out fabrics and "design" this tiny blanket. He of course went straight to my favorite and most expensive fabrics, some of them I could dissuade him from using, but he was very insistent on his choices otherwise. So we cut 4 rectangles together and he sewed them together without sewing through his hand... We ironed together, picked some leftover batting and a backing. Ironed and pinned, really went through the whole process! He even stitched on a little leftover binding and used lots of embroidery stitches for the quilting. We even made a little pillow to go with it.  And he loved doing it, I'm a proud mama.

 And after that we went to my sisters to meet my parents for fathers day and he knitted a little with my mom.

In my mom's generations and mine boundaries about what boys and girls should like slowly faded. I love that my kid can grow up doing what he likes and is not restrained by boundaries of any kind. 

See you soon!
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