maandag 9 juni 2014

sunny days

We are having some lovely, though unpredictable weather in the Netherlands. We spent yesterday at the beach and enjoyed ourselves so much, swimming, lying around, just being. who doesn't want to be here.

For the comfort circle I'm queen bee in July but already posted my idea to make a boat/beach themed random sampler-ish quilt for a little boy. I've asked for blues, beiges, yellows with some pops of color, adding no furthers rules. Everyone makes what they want, how big they want it, etc. This leads to so much creativity in my bee-mates, it is truly incredible. Take a peek here for previews. And I haven't even a plan for my own blocks! So I was looking for some inspiration at the beach too, and I'm thinking of a lighthouse. I do need to figure out how to make one though...

I did make the june block for the sugar block club, called "Teach" this month. Which is in a way appropriate, since I am almost up for my turn in the Double Dutch Random Sampler and am thinking up a little tutorial for a simple block. I love the block:

I have also made two blocks for the random sampler, using Muriels tutorial you can find here. It is a lovely block called Diamond in a cross. You can join us in making a sampler in your own time, you can find us here on flickr. I think I will post my block with a small tutorial next weekend.

See you soon!

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1 opmerking:

Sigrun zei

Your double dutch blocks are fantastic, Eva Marie!
And I love your idea for the July-block in the comfortcircle, by the way. Looking forward to getting started.


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