zondag 31 augustus 2014

Getting into the rythm of things

Coming back from a holiday, the kids still being free from school and crazy busy at work I'm finding it hard to get back to some rythm or routine. That's not always a bad thing for some time, but now I feel like having one again. The kids will have their first day at school and I am trying to clear my mind for a first (probably frantic) week by sewing up some farmer's wife blocks.

I love this project. I have created some routine in it by alway leaving it in a way I can pick up a small task when I want to sit down to it. No big jobs that will take hours, just a little something in a spare half hour. I usully print and cut up the papers for a block in one session. Leaving the picking and cutting up of some fabric for the next time I sit down at my desk. And than I sew up a block, maybe two, when I'm on a roll (or they are simple) maybe three in one session. Than start over at step one. Not to much looking back or ahead. Just approaching one block at a time in a frame of three. (not the grand total of 111, because that's to big to think about). I'm using scraps in all colors, so I don't think about color combo's or big color planning.

And I am approaching the halfway point! Four new blocks to show today:

FWQ # 49 Honeycomb

FWQ # 53 Jackknife

FWQ # 54 Kitchen Woodbox

FWQ # 45 Grape Basket

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