woensdag 13 april 2016

around and around and around we go

I've told you before about the round robins we make with some dutch quilting friends. A round robin is a quilt top you make by making a centerpiece and after that adding rounds. We let the quilts circulate and add a round for all our friends. This is a lovely process since every time someone adds a round, the quilt transforms before your eyes. We have no rules about the rounds, you can really add what you like, keeping in mind of course the owner. As my friend Muriel said: sometimes the new round is about the colors, sometimes it is about the shapes. Sometimes you try to add to what is made, sometimes you break the tradition. Thinking about it and visualizing is a big part of the fun.

Last time my center block became this quilt top. The last round, putting the quilt "en point' I added myself. I am thinking of adding maybe one more round of smaller pieces. Purple is really not my color at all, but I love it in this quilt.

I added two rounds for Nicolette's round robin. I love doing them! I added some blue to the color pallet that matches the blue in one of the fabrics used in the center.

You can find all our round robins and updates in the double dutch flickr group, click here to explore. 

See you soon

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dutchcomfort zei

Purple is not your colour? Auch, after I saw the AMH corners I thought I would add some more, so I’m to blame ;-)

That is why I asked in the Flickr discussion if it would be wise to tell about our favourite colours...


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