maandag 25 mei 2015

getting stuck - 1718 quilt-along

I've made some more blocks for the 1718 quilt-along. I've finished most of the April blocks. But I seem to get stuck. The assignment for May has (too) many applique blocks I don't feel like making and I do not feel belong in my quilt. For the april assignment I made some alternative blocks too. Some of the applique is just not my style. But in a way that is exactly why I joined. Because I wanted to make my own twist on this beautiful historic quilt and learn to hand applique. So instead of losing the feeling and getting frustrated on this one, I think I am going to take a brake from it, put it all in perspective.

Let's look at some more blocks I made:

My alternative for pattern 28 a partidge was a free style bird

My alternative for patter 40 four tulips

Patterns 29,30, 39 and alternative for pattern 40 a single flower

Another hand appliqued block 1, this time with a simple background.

I'll be back on this, but now I'm hopping over to the quilt-along for Jen Kingwell's My small world quilt along. You can find more info over at It

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Helmi zei

Wat een lief vogeltje!


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