dinsdag 10 september 2013

churn dashing away

With my sewing place set up, I couldn't wait to start a little project. And on my to do list I found the september block for do good stitches (Comfort circle). Alphenquilts asked for a churn dash block, which is a real classic, but I had never made it before. I love it! She asked for low volume backgrounds and bright pastels. I sometimes have a hard time deciding how to define such terms, so I just make what I like in the spirit of the blocks the others make. I'm really excited about this block and I think it will make a lovely baby quilt for someone on my list too!

The boys are getting used to the appartement. Look at the big one practicing his angry look. We were baking some together today.

I was glad some of the batter made it into the cake.

See you soon!Pin It

1 opmerking:

Francis Paul zei

I love your blocks, they will fit in perfectly in the quilt I have in mind :-)


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