zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Keep smiling ... another do good finish

I'm at the summit of temporary apartment depression. If you look at the facts, it's not that bad, this place we live in for max three months. But it's dark, very temporarily decorated, small, etc. And my new house is getting better and more beautiful every day, and I wan't it to be over. I want to be there and not in this dreary apartment. Especially since we are preparing for my eldest birthday party tomorrow in my temporary kitchen, with only half my stuff. So, I say to myself getting up, chin up, put on your smile, 5 weeks to go, complaining helps no one. But getting it off your chest does help sometimes, so, now you know ad I'll shut up about it.

What's the good news; I finished my do good comfort circle quilt. I'm afraid the pictures are a little improv too, sorry for that. It's made with lovely grandmothers front porch blocks made by my bee mates with a tutorial from Canoe Ridge Creations. I chose to quilt it with a pink thread following the pluses and the diamonds in the pattern. After some deliberation I decided to bind it with a turquoise fabric with white stars for some contrast to the soft warmness. The back is a pink gingham, both from the market.

You may remember my other do good finish. I gave that through the salvation army to a little boy who is placed in a temporary foster home. I have just received confirmation that this one will go to his little sister. I hope all the love put in these stitches will be felt when they snuggle under them and that they will have a bright future.

Quilt stats
Name: Granny's comfort
Good cause: Salvation Army
Top: granny's front porch blocks in orange, yellow, red and ping with neutral backgrounds.
Back: Pink gingham
Binding: by hand, turquoise and white stars.
Quilted: By home machine with straight lines following the plus and diamond pattern in the quilt.

See you soon!Pin It

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tante b zei

prachtig werk eva!


Helemaal mee eens! Mooi die binding!


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