woensdag 12 november 2014

beating december rush hour - when feeling sheepy

Do you feel like your calender is getting fuller and fuller everytime you look at it these days? Lots of birthdays, Dutch "sinterklaas"stuff, pre-christmass parties. And with it being so dark when you come home from work every day, just about everything seems to be a bigger task. But to keep from getting overwhelmed I did my november block just as soon as I could, to get them out of my head before the busy times ahead.

For the comfort circle we made sheep this month. With an easy to follow tutorial you can find here if you feel sheepy.
I hope you see a sheep!

I gave him som eyes later on
 See you soon!

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1 opmerking:

Francis Paul zei

ik zie een schaap en hij is in het 'eggie' nog leuker :-)


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