zondag 2 november 2014

Boat Beach quilt finished!

I finished the boat beach quilt! Our comfort circle boat beach quilt is a random sampler. Each member contributed one or more blocks and some "fillers" (small simple blocks or strips of fabric). I just randomly pieced all this creativity together. It has some star individual blocks mostly expertly paperpieced. It measures about 120 cmx170cm. It is quilted with light blue free style waves on my home machine. I am not a confident free motion quilter and it looks well enough from some distance but I do need more preactice, since it is far from perfect. But if I never do it, I will never learn and this quilt really needed waves!

The back is a mixture of stash fabric inluding a piece of a world map and some Ikea leftovers. It is handbound with a warm yellow checkered fabric received in a double dutch "ugly fabric" swap. Ugly is a very relative word! It will go (via the salvation army) to a a small child placed in a temporary foster home for further evaluation of the situation the child is in.

I love everything about this quilt! There is so much to see! My boys tell me (though I don't know if they want to pay me a compliment) they like the lighthouse most (I made that one). I love every block; the dolphins, the paper boats, the little beach house, the seagull, octopussy, the crab, the anchor, the school of fishes, the whale, the boats, the sailing alphabet and let's not forget the buoy! some are so precisely pieced, it is really unbelievable! Everyone was so imspired and creative.

It is all done, I am happy with it, but I will miss working on it too. This one will be especially hard to give away, but it will make a little boy or girl who needs it feel very special and comforted for a long time, that is priceless.

See you soon!Pin It

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