zaterdag 28 maart 2015

1718 coverlet - a new project

I couldn't stop myself any longer. I jumped in and joined the 1718 coverlet quilt along I metioned earlier in this post. My main argument was that I like following the quilt-along, it's always such a motivator to have a monthly "assignment" and work along with many others on the same blocks. And since February is already behind us and that was the first month, I jumped in (head first as usual).
Breaking my own rule of first finishing the Farmers Wife quilt and the economy blocks quilt. In Holland we say "de uitzondering bevestigt de regel", which is translated: The exception makes the rule, though I don't know if that is an expression in English too.

I started to make the February assignment which is a small list of blocks. Of most of them you make two. And after making them I noticed I did something wrong.... I've made them 4,5 inch unfinished, and they should be 4,5 inch unfinished (and 5 inch unfinished). I always get confused by these terms. So I will have to make them over later, or find another solution. I am just glad I found out now and not much later. Let's take a look. And a warning before hand, the block names are not as creative or imaginative as the ones in the farmer's wife sampler.....

Two block 2's: A framed square.
The mitered corners are a bit fiddly, but once you get the hang of them...

2 Block 3's: A diagonally quartered square

2 block 4's: A cross

2 block 5's: A small framed square

And 1 block 6: A pointed fleur-de-lys variation
My first needle turn applique block ever! I did cheat on this block and used a four patch background. The alternative was way to fiddly for me.

As you can see I've decided to use navy's as a base color. I love navy, but I never seem to use it. I've also decided to use my much coveted oakshots. I own them in a range of blues. Otherwise I have no color or fabric plan and I will just take it all step by step. How traditional my version of this quilt will be and how far I will follow the pattern remains to be seen too. I love lot's of blocks, but I do not see myself making swans, or people, or dogs. But I've decided not to decide yet. Let's just see what happens.

See you soon!Pin It

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Tiffany zei

Beautiful blocks!


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