woensdag 18 maart 2015

Almost there - spring cleaning - saving the econmy

I've probably told you before: I can't handle having to many loose ends at one time. Since I am starting to pile up to many UFO's (Unfinished Objects) around me, my mind starts spinning and I do nothing usefull. I move piles around, pick things up and put them down, I want to start new things, but I won't let myself, etc. So it is time for spring cleaning in the sewing part of my brain!

Starting with the projects I have almost finished. I made some more economy blocks. I have the last ones cut (about 20 to go), but they need assembling. After that I can make the top!

On my quilty to do list:
- Finishing the economy block quilt
- Two baby gifts
- My farmers wife blocks (81-111 to go),
- And I have to get a move on since I have decided to start my next "historic" project: The 1718 coverlet quilt-along hosted by Sarah Fielke from the last piece and Mrs. Schenkmann Quilts. It is based on a book (for sale at Bol.com) where the patterns and explanations for the oldest dated British patchwork coverlet are explained. It involves a lot of applique, which I have never done much before. To keep up with the quilt along will not be realistic, but I am really curious to the more modern takes on this coverlet.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 1718 coverlet

- My sugar block quilt
- The March comfort circle quilt.

So what am I doing blogging about it! I have to use my precious time sewing!

See you soon!Pin It

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