zondag 15 maart 2015

flowers for Eleni

Rachel is the founder and organizing force behind the do good stitches initiative which I have been a member of for some years. Rachel wrights really openly about all things on her blog. So all her readers knew she was expecting a very much wanted baby. The baby (Eleni) was born about the same time my new niece was born, but she is not doing well. We all know things can go wrong with births and babies, but every time it comes near my heart breaks. For the Mama, for the whole family.

Of course you can do nothing to really help, but I loved Jodi's initiative to make flowers for Eleni. You can find her post on this here. So I've made two flowers and am sending them to Australia so Jodi can make a quilt for Rachel and Eleni out of all the flowers. Stitched by hand and with love by quilters from all over the world. Eleni is in all our thoughts.

Our own do good stitches circle (Comfort circle) will be joining hands on a pillow for Rachel and Eleni. More on that later.

See you soon!Pin It

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