zondag 21 juni 2015

Storm Signal

The last part of every school year always seems to be a very hectic time for us. Lot's of special programs like museum visits, after school parties, gifts to arrange etc. But also at work you need to finish things before the start of the vacation period. Everything just seems to come to a boil all at once.

So while sewing together some Farmers Wife blocks I realized we are in it again. So for those of you who haven't noticed. This is the Storm Signal. After the storm of course lies a lovely leisurely period to enjoy, so let's keep our chin up and face the storm. And don't forget to enjoy it....

Back to my poor neglected Farmers Wife Blocks. I've made another few. Since I am so close to the finish after literally years of sewing them together I lost my mojo a bit, but it is back!

# 86 Squash blossom

#87 Star Gardener

# 88 Star of Hope

#89 Steps to the Altar

#90 Storm Signal
See you soon!Pin It

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Your works are so lovely!

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