vrijdag 15 april 2016

Wingardium Leviosa - project of doom

My 9-year old and me are reading Harry Potter together. We both look forward to snuggle up, putting on the reading light and reading together far after his normal bedtime.

Now we are making him a Harry Potter quilt together. It is a paper pieced pattern by Fandom in stitches and you can find it here. We print, he cuts the pattern pieces we choose the fabrics. I lay them out and he sews! We have much fun doing it. He lost his interest for some time after block 5, but when I made a block myself he was very cross with me and I think he will join me again soon (when not reading). Maybe we will finish it before his 16th birthday...... In some (most?) things the process is as important as the end result.

See you soon

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