zaterdag 30 maart 2013

Still playing doubles dutch (part two)

again just in english, sorry dutchies!

I told you a little about our quiltmeet in the last post, especially about the swap. So I told you we did lots of talking, this involved lots of discussing where to buy, what to do when, plans, but some of us also brought some "designer blocks" with us, to get new perspectives on what will be the plan for a project. 
Lotje, Mari and Muriel

so cosy under the attick beams

The designer blocks I brought where the set of blue, green grey 4x5 blocks and my plain blocks. I can't decide how to put together in a quilt, I'm not to excited on a standard sampler lay out, I need it to be a little more lively. I got some new ideas and I will keep you posted on the progress when I get to it! I'm showing the plains since I don't think you saw them all together already.

But we did more than just chatting and admiring the swaps... (not much, but some :-))
I basted my scrappy trip quilt which I started to handquilt that same night at home! With different colors of thread on one diagonal. Not done yet of course, but getting there!

I'm off sewing!

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