donderdag 28 maart 2013

the girls were playing double dutch (part one)

It's a long story so just the english version this time....

We had a second meet with the double dutch modern quilting group. This time in Utrecht in the attick of a pre-school from the 19th century. It was a lovely place to be though some of our members had to cancel due to sickness. With this weather (it's still freezing here in the spring) that shouldn't be surprising. Hope we will be more complete next time!

Of course there was a lot of chatting and than some more chatting and drinking coffee, eating cake, etc. We also had a secret swap. My partner was Muriel from Hopfaldera and she requested something spring themed, maybe a miniquilt. My regular readers know I'm not so much of a miniquilt mugruggy kinda gal. I don't see the use in them. Though I am starting to appreciate hanging up small quilts as decoration in the sewing area. Muriel makes really beautiful things and does this very neatly (I can be just a bit sloppy), so I was a little intimidated to be making something for her. We only had two weeks to make it, so I luckily hadn't much time to contemplate on it. I saw a very cute miniquilt via sew can she (I recommend getting a subscription with them to be wanting to run to sewing room every day) at ArtgalleryFabrics.

 The design is simple and retro and I also loved the colors they chose, especially the background. I could't match that exactly but I had some light green kona that I thought would do the trick. I chose some spring colours I thought she would like and made one pinwheel the other way around to give it a little wink. It was done in a flash and really not that hard to do. I quilted it with a light pink thread with straight lines. It's machinebound with some greyish fabric. I even made a little tunnel on the back (another first) to hang it.The back is made of different sized strips of fabric.

In the double dutch flickr group, you can also see it hanging in Muriel's quilting space already! I'm so glad she liked it!

Mari from Piecesoffab made me a lovely make up pouch! You can read about how she did this on our blog. She chose really nice fabrics and I love that it's so usefull. Mari uses it herself everyday. I will fill it up with make up tonight! Thanks so much Mari!

More on the double dutch meet in a few days. Now I have to go make something!Pin It

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