zaterdag 16 november 2013

Bzzzz Beeblock update

Bee block wise, I'm ready to move. I made the november blocks for the joining hands bee (last update) and the do good stitches comfort circle. Mighty Crumble asked for free style, but not wonky log cabins in fall colors. I love the process of just grabbing fabric that is striplike from my baskets of scraps and seeing something happen under my hands. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but the name alone would be inviting enough to make one once.

And I received the first economy blocks from the joining hands bee (from Pam in Oman) and made some more my self. Since you can use small scraps for these, I like to precut triangles and centers from leftovers when working on other things. I put them in an "economy block" ziploc bag. I pulled it out and there were several blocks precut and ready to sew. Since I need at least 80 blocks in the end, I will repeat this process untill I have enough blocks. I really look forward to this quilt, it will be great!

See you soon, but most likely when I am set up in my new sewing space!Pin It

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