zaterdag 9 november 2013

Babyquilt marathon - handsewn dresden plate

I've made my fourth babyquilt in a row! Well this one is just a top yet actually!

Last weeks pixie churn, off course Yannick's boaty baby, and Boasson's Dashy baby. Not really a babyquilt, but a toddler quilt for Lydia made with the do good stitches comfort circle; grannies comfort. I love that they are all modern and in someway attached to my style (I would gladly kept anyone of them), but so very different depending on the person it is made for!

So are you ready for my next reveal?

The working name is aqua diamonds. (I do hope you see the diamonds emerging) It is for my good friend who is having a baby on her own, which I think is a very brave and great thing to do. She is absolutely up to it, any baby will be blessed with such a sweet, confident, persevering mom. I wish them every happiness. I will sandwich it and quilt and bind it before the move, I hope... Because after I will be busy with other things for some time, like unpacking, making curtains etc.

For the joining hands bee someone asked for a hand stitched dresden plate. The dresden plate is a flower like very traditional block. I didn't really know how to start. But I found some template on the web, traced them on freezer paper, ironed fabric around them and just started. Like I've said before, to me quilting is 20% measuring and cutting, 30% ironing, 10% actually stitching but mostly daring. Daring to sink your scissors in to fabric, daring to start, etc. I'v finished the first step and now I have to applique them to a background, again by hand. Taking this step by step. We will see how it ends up, but do far so good. 

See you soon!Pin It

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