woensdag 6 november 2013

pixie churn - joint venture

My friend Lotje, de slootjesschilder.blogspot.com, and I did a co-production for a mutual colleague (Bas) who will have a baby soon. She is working on the penny sampler over at stitchedincolor.com and one of the patterns you receive when you join is the Pixie churn. I was already in my churn dash fever, so I needed no convincing. We added a row and did a loose interpretation, but the churn dashes in different sizes are to cute. The smallest one is really tiny and the one in the back is seriously huge! Using white churn dashes with a colorful background was new and I love the crisp contrast it gives.

We used an old shirt from Bas, white with tiny blue flowers, and one of my Alexander (pink and white checkers) as a basis. I really love that the baby girl will be sleeping under her fathers shirt. I could really recommend cutting up all the shirts you usually throw away! Ask all the men you know to donate them for your next quilt!

I love that it's really scrappy and colorful! And how two creations become one without clashing. You can really see my style and Lotje's in it if you would know them! You should try a co-production!

It's quilted by home machine with straight lines and a light pink thread. It's bound by hand with a buttery yellow and white striped fabric. I didn't want anything flashy to distract from the center.

See you soon!

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2 opmerkingen:

Francis Paul zei

you both did a great job! it's a gorgeous quilt :-)


Yes, I totally, utterly, completely agree! It was fun doing and etra so to wrok together!! Hope the baby is going to use it well, like sleeping, drabbling, drooling, playing with this one!


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