woensdag 11 december 2013

What's new pussycat?

I am receiving economy blocks almost everyday now from the very international members of the joining hands bee! This is an update shot! It's going to be wonderful!

I have received some new fabrics from a great dutch fabric webshop vanmarieke.nl. My sister in law gave me a gift certificate and I couldn't stop myself!

And I added a little scrapset too! They always come in handy, for example to make my scrappy hexies, or to add in the economy blocks. I love the surprise element of it!

And I folded my fabrics and put them in color order on my shelves. I love letting all the fabric go through my hands! I know you don't believe me but I haven't bought much fabric since we knew we would move and made a lot of quilts from my stash. So the stash is relieved to get some company again!

Off to get my Christmas lists in order! See you soon!

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1 opmerking:

Carolien zei

Leuke stofjes heb je gekocht! Ik kreeg met pakjesavond een scrapsetje, echt super veel verschillende stofjes. Leuk voor kleine projecten. Groetjes Carolien


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