zaterdag 28 december 2013

baby,it's not so cold outside

I would have loved some cold and snow, but it's not coming yet. Actually I closed the shades to be able to see my screen well. Well I guess there's always something to complain about.
I've been planning the garden for my new home, in my head and with some drawing. It should be green (with white and blue flowers, maybe some pink), but with enough terass, I would like a new vegetable garden, a special children's spot with a swing, I would not like to be on my knees every day to pull out weeds, it should be modern, but still cozy, etc. I hope to combine it in a design that I can actually realize moneywise... But first there is a dream, than there is a plan. And if the plan has several steps, so be it.

I can finally show you the Christmas presents that did make it of the list. Do you make way to long making lists for Christmas? Maybe we should start in January this year LOL.

I made my middle sister a sleeve for her new iPhone. She picked it out on pinterest herself. You can find the tutorial here. It's really easy going, and delivers a nice result (I think). I've used some of my new bees and some neon fabric!

I made my youngest sister; who is somehow attached to the Eifel tower and Paris, some potholders with some especially ordered Paris fabric.

And I made my sister in law a reversible tissuebox cover made with this great tutorial. Even the bias tape worked with me.

I made my boys some pillows for their new rooms that they were very happy with. Forgot to take a picture, so I will show them next time!Pin It

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Nienke zei

Leuke cadeautjes zeg!
Mooi gemaakt!

Fijn eindejaar!
Nienke (

Mumendemiekes zei

leuke geschenkjes en vooral ook praktisch... dat kan iedereen gebruiken. Tof


Gelukkig nieuwjaar! & die iphone sleeve is echt super om te zien!


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