woensdag 4 december 2013

Bzzzz Bee block update

I'm still trying to find my way in my new home, make new routines, trying to remember where everything goes, trying to make time to organise a closet or hang some shelves. Not much sewing and blogging this period. That's why beeblock commitments are also good things. When you've made a commitment, you have to unpack your sewing machine to do at least a little sewing. Even if it is with only the unpacked resources!

I've made my last block for the creative quiltblock bee for my friend Corinne Louise. She asked for variations on a nine patch with a bird theme in cool colors. Well I looked up my birdie I bought at Veritas in Belgium. I'm so in love with them. And fussy cut a bird on the back of an elephant. I decided to do a straightforward nine patch to keep the pieces of fabric as big as possible.

I've also made a block called chain for Jo in the joining hands bee. You can find the tutorial here on quilterscache.  If you've never been you should go take a look. There are so many blocks here you couldn't make them in a lifetime! The tutorials are easy to follow. It does take some imaginations to imagine a modern quilt with them, but it's possible! Jo asked for purple, black, grey and white. A combo I have maybe even never used for a quilt. It's crisp, and I'm curious as to the secondary patterns that will emerge when putting all the blocks together.

See you soon!

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